PHOTOS: New Chief Justice Katureebe Assumes Office

As Buganda prepares to mark Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutembi II’s 60th birthday, link Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] officials this morning unveiled a gift to the king.

The Authority unveiled a Monument constructed at the Nantawetwa junction on the 1 mile stretch from his Palace to the Bulange building.

The name Nantawetwa, which means ‘one who cannot be bent or coiled, ” is among the King’s various titles.

Construction of the junction was commissioned in February 2015 by KCCA’s Executive Director Jennifer S Musisi.

A number of loyal subjects contributed to the project as a gift to Kabaka Mutebi’s birthday, slated for Monday April 12, 2015.

On Sunday there will be a Kabaka’s birthday Marathon around the capital Kampala, which is geared toward the fight against Fistula.

The monument stands at 11 meters in height 3 metres diameter split into 2 and 3 meters deep. Two large drums hoist the Buganda shield with 2 spears representing the historical symbol for Buganda’s mighty protection against adversaries.
The outgoing Chief Justice Benjamin Odoki has officially handed over office and instruments of power to his newly appointed successor Bart Katureebe at a function held at High Court in Kampala on Thursday afternoon.

Odoki applauded the appointment of Katureebe, viagra buy whom he said was his student while still the director at Law Development Centre in 1974 and described him as a good personality.


“I have known him for a very long time since 1974 and then later when he was a minister and his appointment was well deserved, drug ” Odoki noted.

However, the outgoing Chief Justice urged his successor to always be the face of the judiciary through being independent but working hand in hand with other arms of government.

“You have a special role as being the public face of the judiciary and if you are weak, it will undoubtedly have an effect on the institution as you will lose confidence of the public. You must therefore foster a culture of excellence in a bid to move the institution forward,” Odoki advised the new Chief Justice.

Katureebe vowed to defend Independence of the Judiciary
Katureebe vowed to defend independence of the Judiciary

Odoki urged Katureebe to work tirelessly to ensure an improved welfare for judges and other judiciary officers which according to him will among others help reduce corruption from the institution.

“We need to see a streamlined salary structure for them (judicial officers) like it is with the IGG or KCCA so that they also get good salaries and this will in one way reduce corruption. Retired judges must be catered for so that they don’t move on streets barefooted,” Odoki noted.

In his speech, Katureebe urged other arms of government to always work hand in hand with the judiciary and in this way they would foster development of the country, adding that they (judiciary) should not be perceived as a small branch but the third arm of government.

“Our mandate is to administer justice and ensure good governance. Government should therefore drop the tendency of catering for roads and elections first before us but should highly consider the judiciary as one of the agents of development and good governance,” he observed.

“In fact it will be my duty to make the judiciary felt by everyone through team work,” Katureebe noted.

The Attorney General Fred Ruhindi warned the judiciary against using the institutional independence as a scapegoat for lack of accountability, saying they will be required to account for any assistance got from government.

The function was graced by among others Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Kahinda Otafiire and justices from the Supreme and Appellant courts.

President Museveni on March 5, appointed Supreme Court judge Bart Katureebe as Chief Justice, replacing Benjamin Odoki whose reappointment was rejected for exceeding the constitutional age limit.

Acting Chief Justice Steven Kavuma was appointed to deputize the 64-year-old Katureebe.

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