New Campaign to Bolster Clean Energy Market After Covid19 Hit

Following the devastating impact on of the Covid19 pandemic on the private sector in Uganda, which crippled different industries including clean energy, a media campaign has been launched with hope to expand the market for clean energy products and technologies in different parts of the country.

The “Clean Energy for a Better Life” campaign launched today by Simon Kalanzi, a Commissioner from Ministry of Energy is expected to among others raise public awareness on the social economic benefits of clean energy thereby raising its demand.

The campaign being run by the GIZ in partnership with the Energy Ministry and National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Alliance (UNREEEA) is now in its second phase, the first having been conducted last year in the northern parts of the country.

Speaking at the launch, Miss Esther Nyanzi the CEO – UNREEEA revealed that the Covid19 pandemic has significantly hurt the businesses dealing in in renewable energy.

“Many of the companies lost customers, while some have failed to meet their operating costs and have been reaching out to us to help them cater for their needs in areas such as project financing and credit management,” Nyanzi said.

The second phase of the campaign she said will be rolled out in the Northern and Eastern parts of Uganda which have the highest dependence on biomass such as firewood and charcoal for their energy needs.

According to Commissioner Kalanzi, up to 88% of people in Northern Uganda still rely solely on firewood and charcoal.

“This has greatly contributed to the wiping of our forest cover and the result has been devastating landslides, loss of lives among other challenges,” she said.


“We therefore think that this new campaign is pertinent to the ministry because it directly addressing the real environmental challenges we have been facing as a country.”

Mrs Franziska Abila Roetzer, the Project Coordinator GIZ said at the launch, that the campaign which will be initially radio based will focus on raising awareness on clean energy technologies and the benefits of energy efficiency which range from health, to the environment and employment opportunities.

“It will also involve testimonials from some of organizations which have already seen the benefits such as schools which changed and adopted the new technology and were able to cut on their firework consumption.”


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