New Book To Help Judicial Officers Serve Women Better

The United Nations Women (UNWOMEN) are slated tomorrow to commission the The Gender Bench Book at Protea Hotel in Kampala.

The book is aimed according to officials, no rx at enhancing gender responsiveness of the judicial officers and help to ensure that judgments in Uganda are increasingly gender sensitive.

Chief Justice of Uganda Bart Katureebe is expected at the launch as the chief guest.

The half day event which was organized by the United Nations Women in collaboration with the Justice Law and Order Sector will bring together delegates from all over the world who have wide knowledge about the subject of Gender.

While addressing the media on Thursday at the Uganda Media Center, information pills Justice of the High Court David Batema Ndikubona said, ambulance “The book is not based on gender based simply on sexuality violence; it covers all topics.

The broadly addresses concepts of gender, human rights, women’s rights, equality, and discrimination, access to justice, judicial conduct and affirmative action, the existing legal frame work on women’s access to justice, courts of law in Uganda,their constitutional mandate,jurisdiction structure and composition.

The book is also hoped to assist judicial officers in addressing procedural issues that impede women’s access to justice.

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