NEW AMENDMENTS: Non-Candidates to Start Challenging Presidential Election Results

Ugandans who did not participate in the presidential election as candidates will soon be able challenge in court the results declared by the Electoral Commission.

ChimpReports on Thursday started exclusively running the series of silently planned Constitutional Amendment Bills that are going to be strategically moved on the floor of Parliament next week as a Private Member’s Bill.

Yesterday we published how chapters 5 and 8 of the Constitution are going to be revised and today we look at the proposed changes in chapter 8 to alter articles of the presidential election procedure.

Article 104 (1) that restricts the filing of a presidential election petition to only presidential candidates is planned to be revised and any citizen aggrieved with the next (2021 going forward) election can walk straight to the Supreme Court and lodge a petition.

Currently the law states: “Subject to the provisions of this article, troche http://comoconquistarumamina.com.br/wp-admin/includes/update.php any aggrieved candidate may petition the Supreme Court for an order that a candidate declared by the Electoral Commission elected as President was not validly elected.”

The amendment is going to add “or citizen” immediately after candidate and the line will read “any aggrieved candidate or citizen may petition the Supreme Court…”

The prayer of the mover of the amendment is that even citizens who vote are part of the presidential election process and they cannot be excluded from challenging the results.

Meanwhile Clause 2 of the same article is also going to be reviewed and the current 10 days’ timeframe for lodging the presidential election result will be extended by 20 to 30 days.


The current article 104 (2) says “A petition under clause (1) of this article shall be lodged in the Supreme Court registry within ten days after the declaration of the election results.”

According to the texts in the amendment, http://dailycoffeenews.com/wp-includes/cron.php 10 is insufficient for any aggrieved presidential candidate or citizen to raise the required signatures, http://clearskinconcierge.com/acne/wp-includes/ms-deprecated.php collect evidence, identify witnesses and others that should be done to file a petition.

ChimpReports spoke to JEEMA party president Asuman Basalirwa who is also among the lawyers that represented the former presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi when the latter petitioned the Supreme Court challenging the February 2016 results.

Mr. Basalirwa said the idea is good since citizens usually have more evidence than the presidential candidates who are overwhelmed by the tight process.

“That is good thinking. Citizens from the countryside are always with good and various convincing evidence than the candidates. Giving them a chance is a good idea,” he said.

Basalirwa however added that strong conditions should be put in place to avoid the law to be misused.

“Conditions should be put like for Parliamentary and Local Government elections where petitioners should show cause by raising signatures otherwise some jokers may hijack it.” He added.

“Anyone targeting to be paid by the winner can go to the Supreme Court just to be bought and the thing can lose meaning.”

ChimpReports is exclusively following the development surrounding the oncoming  amendments and more stories to be published today.








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