NEMA’s Wake Up Call as Ugandans Wreck Environment

National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) has come out with a call to Ugandans to be more mindful of the need for sustainable use of the country’s natural resources, page http://dadstreet.com/wp-admin/includes/user.php and to keep environmental protection at the center of everyone’s lifestyle.

Research by NEMA shows that 70% of Uganda’s total wealth from our environment while 90% of the population directly or indirectly depends on the products served by natural resources. Also 68% of Ugandans derive livelihood from it and 94%get energy from it.

Dr. Tom Okurut the Executive Directors of NEMA said at a conference in Kampala that human beings play a major role at protecting mother earth, http://coaststringfiddlers.com/wp-includes/atomlib.php which explains the numerous environmental protection laws which sadly have not been fully implemented.

Dr Okurut pointed out some of the challenges NEMA has faced as; people taking the environment as a natural capital — as a free good, cutting down trees without ploughing back, clearly reaping were they did not sow, low appreciation of the link between environment, livelihood and economic wellbeing, the weak enforcement of the existing policies and laws, environmental literacy and valuation for natural resources.

Okurut admitted that as a body they have failed to control noise pollution in Kampala because of the increasing population and encroaching on the wet lands such as the Kinawataka land from where they keep evicting people but they always find their way back.

Okurut’s Deputy Ms Christine Akello stressed at the event that every human being should know that their lives depend on the environment and so they should learn to love and protect it.

She noted for instance that Uganda has the best Shea tree but people shamelessly cut it down yet its oil is very expensive on the world market.

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