NCS Issues Strict Guidelines for Sports Resumption

The National Council of Sports (NCS) has issued strict guidelines to all the Sports Federations and Associations prior to the return of Sports activities in the Country.

The Council which Promotes and controls sports activities on behalf of the Ugandan Government, under the Ministry of Education and Sports, believes that the guidelines have been drafted in line with President Museveni’s directives.

During the meeting with all the Federations and Associations on Friday at Copper Chimney Restaurant in Lugogo, NCS outlined strict guidelines ahead of Sports restart headlined by mandatory testing of Athletes 72 hours to the game and a repeat test every after 14 days.

Other measures include availability of adequate Personal Protectice Equipment (PPEs) and working under Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

NCS Chairman Dr Donald Rukare noted that most of the sports would be eligible to return after assessing their facilities and logistics, and expects to engage government officials on overcoming the higger prices of mandatory PCR tests.

“NCS will asses the readiness of Federations and Associations in terms of facilities, logistics and human resource to facilitate the resumption of sports. We hope to engage government officials to see the way forward on overcoming the prices of PCR tests and see whether the prices can be deducted or taken over by the government,” Rukare noted.

Sports Federations and Associations representatives during the meeting on Friday

The proposed implementation plan includes submission of respective federation planned activities for approval to NCS by October 2, 2020.

The verification and approval of Federation activities and protocols is on October 9 while monitoring for compliance of Federations is slated for October 19, 2020.


The List of Guidelines

– National sports federations and Associations will be required to prepare and submit a schedule of planned activities and venues to be used with priority of national teams engagements

– Each sports activity to be organized shall be cleared on its own merit.

– National sports federations and associations shall appoint a medical personal who shall work in liaison with MOH on all Covid-19 related matters.

– There shall be a focal point person appointed or designated by Federation and associations to act as the liaison between NCS and the Federation on all sports related matters.

– Federations and associations shall seek relevant clearance from the organs of govt for the activities to take place

– Federations and associations shall notify NCS of the venue to be used, number of Athlete’s and officials including media prior to the event.

– Provide proof of testing of players and officials prior to the activities.

– Events to be organized are those where NCS has been notified and clearance obtained.

– National teams to be encamped in one place avoid unnecessary interaction with outsiders.

– Only players and accredited officials to be allowed at the events.

– PPE must be available and in place.

– NCS shall constitute a team of persons to access the readiness and compliance of national sports federations for resumption of sports activities.


– Many of the sports can be played both indoor or outdoors depending on the facilities available to the organizers.

– In line with the president directive most of the sports would be eligible to re open provided they fulfill the conditions set including testing of Athlete’s 72 hours to the game, and repeat test after 14days and availability of adequate PPE’s.

– NCS should assess the readiness of federation and associations in terms of facilities, logistics and human resource to facilitate the resumption of sports.

Proposed implementation plan

-Submission of respective federation planned activities and protocols for approval to NCS on October 2nd 2020.

-Verification and approval of federations activities and protocols to NCS on October 9th 2020.

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