NCS Is Toothless –Fufa Lawyer

FUFA legal officer Alex Luganda insists NCS has no jurisdiction over sports associations in Uganda. He says government can’t remove what it didn’t start adding that if NCS wants control, information pills look it should start its associations.

Last week on Friday National Council of Sports (NCS) disbanded all but Swimming and Kick boxing sports associations in Uganda.

This came after a failure by these associations to re-register and prove to the council that they are national associations.

Luganda’s assertions are echoed by another lawyer, click Isaac Ssemakadde who is a member of the legal brain trust abody that secured a court injuction against NCS’ directive last year.

Ssemakadde argues that all sports associations in Uganda were voluntarily started thus government has no legal powers over tthem.

He adds that government is just a partner of the associations and warned NCS against violating a lawful court injunction saying it should get prepared for the legal implications.

Government through NCS, thumb had given all sports associations an ultimatum of six months  for them to register  but the period elapsed when only two of the over fifty associations had obliged.

Chairman technical NCS, Zubair Galiwango says this was done to bring sanity in management of sports in Uganda and refutes allegations that the move was targeting a particular group.


On the other hand, Zabair Galiwango says NCS is acting within the law and it is determined to eliminate briefcase associations.

Galiwango says all associations took part in the formulation of the law and that he is now surprised to hear them complaining about it.

He advised them to stop hiding behind their respective international bodies noting that no sport can be accredited internationally unless it has been recommended by its mother country.

It noted that government facilitates national teams from various associations while taking part in international engagements with football always taking the lion’s share.

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