NCS General Secretary Shoots Back at Muhangi Over “Ghost Federations” Allegations

Earlier this week, Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhangi raised concerns over what he alleged as the “ghost Federations” and sports associations affiliated to National Council of Sports (NCS).

The outspoken AIBA/ITO certified Muhangi who has been showered with praise for revampinh the game of Boxing since taking over office in 2018, accused NCS of harbouring dormant and “ghost” sports associations which he thinks are illegal and not functioning.

“Ideally, a given sport must first exist, have functioning structures, be present on ground, have a certain percentage of the country’s geographical coverage, have participants, functional leagues or game, etc and on the basis of that such a sport could get a recognition certificate from NCS. That sport then goes on to function business as usual and in the event that there is need for that Federation to come up with a select team that can represent Uganda in international game, then NCS would hence come in to support that team to the scheduled games” Muhangi decried via a UBF media platform

He added, “On the lists of the federations currently registered or recognized by NCS, there are Federations that have no address, no games , no presence, not visible on ground , not in schools, etc. Maybe they existed in the past or they were never existent, save for their listings on paper. When you masquerade into a music concert and they find you without an entrance tag they will kick you out. So it is important that NCS does immediate stock taking, head count, physical roll call of all these federations before some things are done or debates embarked on.”

Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhangi

Muhangi’s allegations have forced National Council of Sports General Secretary Dr. Bernard Patrick Ogwel to hit back at his allegations asking for evidence.

Ogwel told Kawowo Sports that Muhangi should define the so called ghost Federations and also highlighted on the procedures followed by the Council before issuing operational license to any sport.

“Let Muhangi define these ghost federations. What does the word ghost mean?, As NCS, we verify and make follow ups before issuing operational licences and certificates to all the sports federations. There stringent measures undertake and strict monitoring of all the sports federations’ operations,” Ogwel reacted.

For years now, the vocal Muhangi has also been criticising the un fair financial distribution to individual sports federations claiming that some are non functional without any events on the calendar year.


Lately, there are 51 sports federations recognized by the National Council of Sports with the Uganda Dance Sport Federation being the new kid on the block.

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