NBS Television Launches on DStv

A fresh Statement has been issued by the Minister of Information and National Guidance revealing that the ban on Plastic carrier bags still stands contrary to the previous announcement that it had been suspended.

The minister in the new communique issued last evening stated, malady   “Cabinet  directed the Minister of water and Environment to instruct NEMA to continue implementation of the ban of plastic bags of 30 microns and below until cabinet provides guidance on how to handle other types of plastic materials.”

The Minister noted that an inter-ministerial committee commissioned in 2010 was still reviewing the best implementation of strategies of the ban, treat and that it would soon consult President Yoweri Museveni on the way forward.

In the meantime, authorities were advised to maintain the ban on importation, manufacture and use of plastic bags below 30 microns.

After Six years of hesitation due to controversy among stakeholders on the Ban of polythene carrier bags commonly known as Kaveera, Government in April 2015 resolved to ban polythene bags that are responsible for Environmental Degradation.

Cabinet in this regard noted the need to strengthen Uganda Revenue Authority and Uganda National Bureau of Standards so as to stop the smuggling of plastics into the country.

Existing plastic manufacturers are to establish plastic collection centers across the country and intensify the sensitization of the general public on plastic waste management.

“All plastic manufacturing industries are to code their plastic products for trace ability of plastic waste generated by each industry,” the Statement read.
Flyers displaying stunning images of the most precious wild animals and key tourism destinations in Uganda welcome you to Uganda’s spotless High Commission in the leafy suburb of Nyarutarama, shop Kigali, medicine Rwanda.


Inside the Embassy are energetic young men and women who treasure and exploit the extraordinary benefits of the new media age to promote Uganda’s tourism sector and bilateral relations with Rwanda.

According to a survey by M-Idea, recipe the embassy has partnered with stakeholders such as Uganda Wildlife Authority, tour guide agencies, hotels so as to keep Uganda’s image on the digital space positive.

Uganda High Commission to Rwanda using Facebook to promote Uganda tourism destinations
Uganda High Commission to Rwanda using Facebook to promote Uganda tourism destinations

Pricing, discount seasons, packages are always highlighted on the social media platforms.

Uganda’s High Commissioner to Rwanda, Richard Kabonero says in an interview with ChimpReports on Friday that trade between Uganda and Rwanda is worth $230m.

A Graduate of Makerere University and former top diplomat at Uganda’s Embassy in United States, Kabonero is among the few Ugandan diplomats and government officials who use WhatsApp and Skype for communication.

He says the main mission of the High Commission to Kigali is to “promote and strengthen Uganda’s historical bilateral relations with Rwanda through trade, investment and education as well as regional integration under the East African Community.”

One of the High Commission’s aims is to position Uganda as the true Pearl of Africa and the commissions “VISIT UGANDA” campaigns have been very popular on social media, drawing a lot of feedback as the embassy continuously encourages Rwandese and other people in and around East Africa to visit and tour Uganda.

The new building that will house the Uganda High Commission in Rwanda
The new building that will house the Uganda High Commission in Rwanda

Kabonero is among Uganda’s unsung heroes, having worked tooth and nail to restore and consolidate the relations between Kampala and Rwanda which he believes have been pivotal in promotion of trade and tourism.

The report by M-Idea shows that the High Commission fully appreciates the value of social media.

“The High Commission has used new media extensively to promote Uganda’s tourism sector by highlighting the near perfect weather, profiling the many national parks, game reserves, hotels, security of tourists, visitor guides to Uganda’s tourist sites, food and also sharing reviews of people who have managed to visit Uganda before,” reads part of the survey conducted this year.

The new age technology, internet, mobile phones and social media have made it easier for the High Commission to reach even more people in both Uganda and Rwanda in real time as it aims to achieve its mission noted above.

Through social media, the mission has engaged with Ugandans, Rwandese feeding them with relevant information about Uganda.

By use of social media; mainly Facebook, Twitter; the official embassy platforms have creatively used Text, Graphics, and videos to feed out information and grow conversations and interest from its large audiences.

Social media has equally made it even easier for it to target Ugandans and Rwandese who may require more information about the Missions services.

The Uganda High Commission provides document certification services for a variety of legal documents that Ugandan citizens may be required to submit to the Rwandan authorities for a specific legal reason such as; Certificate of incorporation for companies registered in Uganda, Land titles for those owning land in Uganda, Academic documents for government schools, Marriage certificates for those who are legally married according to the Uganda civil marriage law.

Some Ugandans in Rwanda do not have to visit the High commission offices if they can have some of their queries answered in real time.

Ugandan Education

Using social media, the Embassy has found the perfect tool to target the youth in Rwanda to encourage them to study in Uganda for either secondary school or university.

This is being done by the constant promotion of at least one school or institution every week, highlighting educational achievements, provision for international students, how to apply, life in Uganda and the schools contact details.

Invest In Uganda,

Through sharing success stories in business, technology, education and other sectors, Kabonero says the Mission aims to encourage Rwandese to come and invest in Uganda in Services, Agriculture or Industry.

This is always highlighted on the platforms; Steps, Guidelines and all information needed for one to invest in Uganda. Contact details of all relevant Authorities such as Uganda Investment Authority, URA are also shared on the embassy’s website

The Embassy platforms curate well researched and relevant Ugandan news so as to share them with Ugandans who may not be in the country and other interested parties.

News is mostly about Presidential and Government activities, Sports News; Success stories; in Education, KCCA, Medicine and more which is shared on the High Commission’s platforms:- Facebook – and Twitter –
NBS Television, cure one of Uganda’s privately owned television stations and MultiChoice, unhealthy the continent’s leading digital company  signed an agreement that saw the Kamwokya based TV station being carried on DStv, side effects effective 18th June 2015.

This agreement was a result of the current ongoing digital migration in the country that saw many viewers who had not embraced digital life experience a blackout since they can no longer access any television channels without decoders.

This partnership Mulitchoice said will give Ugandan viewers all over the country an opportunity to enjoy NBS’s fantastic line-up of quality local and international programming that includes news, current affairs, entertainment and sports in clear digital quality.

Commenting on this latest addition to the DStv family, the General Manager of MultiChoice Uganda, Mr Charles Hamya said, “MultiChoice constantly looks for ways to improve the viewing experience for our current and potential subscribers and this includes promoting local content on our platforms.”

“The addition of NBS TV on DStv is a manifestation of our commitment towards this objective. We firmly believe that the future of digital television in Africa lies in the adoption of the latest technology and a company’s willingness to invest in showcasing programming that is increasingly relevant to the end consumer. NBS fits within this strategy which is the reason we have entered into this partnership with them today”.

Joseph Kigozi, Chief Marketing Officer of NBS added, “This is a historic partnership which we have been looking forward to for a long time. We are both proud and excited about the opportunities this collaboration presents and are confident that our viewers will appreciate the value it will bring them in terms of countrywide reach and quality of signal”.

“We are also an innovative brand with fresh, exciting technologies and programs that everyone can enjoy anytime and anywhere. We are proud that NBS is finally on DStv in Uganda as well as in Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya”, he added.

Mr. Hamya further thanked NBS for committing itself to the partnership with MultiChoice.

He also encouraged Ugandan viewers to purchase DStv and GOtv sets to get access to NBS and other fantastic channels offered on MultiChoice platforms.

NBS Television will be available on DStv channel 286 and  on GOtv channel 94.

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