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NBL: UPDF Tomahawks Strangle Betway Power

Sunday July 23


Falcons 51-95 KIU Titans

Betway Power 75-85 UPDF Tomahawks

Our Saviour 64-68 Ndejje University Angels

There were some shocking results yesterday in the Men’s National Basketball League games but the 10 point game win by the UPDF Tomahawks against 5 time championship winners, Betway Power, clearly stands out.

What everyone thought was going to be a walk in the park for Power, turned out to be one of the evenings they would want to quickly forget as they succumbed to their second loss of the season in a devastating manner.

It looked like it was going to be an easier ride for the hosts when they led the first quarter by 24-20, but they went into a deep slumber there afterwards.


Tomahawks came back with a defensive 3-at-the-back tactic and closed out their opponents, which led Power to embark on shooting from outside the 3 point line which never paid off as they only managed 10 points in the second quarter.

UPDF went with a 34-40 point lead at the long break.

UPDF Tomahawks held on to their lead and played the following two quarters with caution as they continued to trap down Arnold Lando’s men using their two big boys in Moses Muhumuza and Dulton Mutawe who outmuscled them up to the end.

Henry Okoth was the star of the day with 27 points and 10 rebounds to add on Muhumuza and Mukunzi’s efforts who hit 24 and 12 points respectively.

Power’s Captain Joseph Ikong scored 24 points and Michael Makiadi had a double of 19 points and 19 rebounds.

Moses Muhumuza speaking in a postgame interview, said: “the game was nice, we are very happy to win this because we played very well and i believe that we have picked the right confidence.”

UPDF Tomahawks player Muhumuza Moses speaking to the media after the game
UPDF Tomahawks player Muhumuza Moses speaking to the media after the game

The rest of the results

Falcons received their worst loss of the season when they suffered a 51-95 defeat to Hamza Nyambogo’s KIU Titans in the game that saw Sudi Ulanga hit six 3-pointers in his 24 points tally on the day.

Michael Otieno notched in a game high 29 points as Walker Obedi’s Ndejje University Angels kick aside Our Saviour Basketball team by 4 points in an intense last thriller of the day.

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