Natural Ways of Reducing Cramps during Periods

You can ruin a woman’s day at the mention of one word; cramps.

They’re throbbing or cramping pains in the lower abdomen often experienced by women before and during their menstrual periods.

The thought of going through the gloomy days every month gives most women reasons to worry, often regretting why they were born women.

The ugly fact however, dear woman, they don’t stop. Well unless you’ve hit menopause.

Menopause is not something you can induce or speed up. It entirely depends on one’s hormonal make up.

So, what if they won’t stop anytime soon? Should women stop living? Should they try a Bruce Jenner sort of thing and become the other gender? No.

Here are some of the natural ways a woman can REDUCE menstrual pains. Key word ‘reduce’, Not stop.

Use a Heating Pad: Get a piece of cloth, preferably a towel and dip it into hot water.


Slowly rub it around your lower abdomen when the pains come.

This will break down the blood clots from the Fallopian tubes, easing blood flow out of your body.

Take Hot water: Have a cup of hot water, most preferably dry tea soon as you feel any pain.

Just like a heating pad, this will ease the flow of blood from your body. Usually, the pain comes as a result of clots forcing their way out.

Use Coke: Stand warned. This method works depending on your hormones. For some, when they take Coca Cola, it acts as a catalyst for the pain.

An intake of Coca Cola during cramps usually fastens the blood flow. Some women experience an extremely heavy flow after drinking it.

Though there’s no scientific justification on its use, Coca Cola has proved helpful for some women.

Lie down: It’s without a doubt that with cramps, you’ll feel uneasy and unwilling to settle in one place.

However, lying down helps the mind and body to work in sync. Pains and other body changes can sually be overcome just by having a piece of mind.

Seek Medical advice: In an instance where the above have failed, it’s advisable that you seek medical advice.

Even before running to your doctor, it’s advisable to try out pain killers like Diclofenac or Panadol.

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