National Wildlife Crime Coordination Task Force Launched



Government has introduced the National Wildlife Crime Coordination task force that’s aimed at promoting cooperation and coordination among enforcement agencies, sharing information on poaching and enhancing communication.

The National Wildlife Crime Coordination task force will be funded by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

The force will bring together representatives of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, National Forest Authority, Tourism Police, Ugandan Army, Uganda Revenue Authority, Public Prosecutors, and many others.

The Director of Wildlife Conservation Society Dr Simon Nampindo said at the launch; “By working together as networks, it will help leverage the capacities to handle wildlife crime in Uganda efficiently”.

The Minister of State for Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities Hon Godfrey Kiwanda Ssubi revealed that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora was satisfied with Uganda’s efforts to curb illegal trade of ivory tusks.

Uganda last year strengthened the laws against poaching by introducing life imprisonment or a fine billion Ugandan shillings to those caught poaching.

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