Nantaba Denies Involvement in Singer Kiwewa’s Arrest

Kayunga Woman Member of Parliament Hon Aidah Nantaba has distanced herself from allegations that she is the one behind the arrest and detention of singer Gerald Kiwewa.

While appearing on local television for an interview on Friday evening, Nantaba said that there is no reason why she has to drag an artist to police who only channeled his message through a song.

“If Kiwewa finds using the name Nantaba in his songs one of the ways through which he can bring food to the table for his family, l have no problem with him,” she said.

“I don’t have ownership of the name Nantaba because more than 10,000 people in the country are called so. Before Kiwewa, many musicians have sung about the name like Bobi Wine sang about Specioza Nantaba,” she added.

Nantaba noted that she is currently in Kayunga and she has taken long without visiting any police station in the country.

She, however, blamed the musicians who have been blaming her for being behind Kiwewa’s arrest

“It was wrong for the musicians’ team led by Sophie Gombya to attack me before hearing from my part.”

Gerald Kiwewa was recently arrested by Police on allegations of releasing a song which disturbed the peace of Kayunga woman MP Aida Nantaba.


According to reliable information, Kiwewa is still under police custody pending investigation.

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