Nancy Kalembe Finally Nominated after Paying Shs 20m Nomination Fee

The only female presidential candidate in the race, Nancy Kalembe Linda has finally been nominated by the Electoral Commission after she paid the non refundable 20 million shillings for nomination.

Kalembe, together with the youngest candidate in the race, John Katumba who were supposed to be nominated on Monday had their documents dismissed by the Electoral Commission on the pretext that they had not paid the 20 million shillings.

Luckily, Kalembe has finally been nominated to contest for president shortly after Katumba’s nomination.

“I Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon being the Returning Officer for the nomination of presidential candidates declare that Kalembe Nancy Linda a duly nominated candidate in respect of presidential election 2021 having fulfilled the nomination requirements under the Presidential Elections Act 2005 as amended,” Byabakama declared Kalembe presidential candidate.

Shortly after the nomination, Kalembe promised to provide what she termed as “great leadership and not good leadership.”

“What should Ugandans expect from my leadership? Great leadership not good leadership. Leadership that is inseparable from integrity. Our leadership will be accountable and open,” she said.

Kalembe noted that her leadership will focus on the future and not what has happened before.

“We will be future focused, harnessing future technologies and future knowledge. Uganda will finally have global presence, not as a third world nation, not as an underdog, not just as another African country but a country that is going to remember its identity, a country that is going to remember what they are made of and who they are,” she said.


She added that her Government intends to ensure Uganda’s recognition globally more than just the “Pearl of Africa.”

“We intend, in my Government, to ensure that this global recognition is not only on the outside but work will be done on the inside. We intend to focus on unity so that Ugandans can begin to proudly say I am Ugandan wherever they go.”

Kalembe also promised to revamp Uganda’s healthcare system by among others improving the welfare of human resource (health workers) and ensuring availability of medicines in Government health facilities.

She further pledged to prioritize Uganda’s education saying that education as a programme in the institutions of higher learning will be given a priority.

“I have promised overtime that when I am President, our education system will be overhauled. If you want to destroy a society, undervalue a teacher. My Government will change that. We will dwell so much on their welfare. Education will no longer be a fourth choice but will be treated as a calling,” she said.

She also promised revamp the economy by creating jobs especially for youths and women.


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