Namisindwa Residents Task Mao On Why DP Has No Grass-Root Agents

The opposition Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate Norbert Mao had a hard time in Namisindwa district where he was campaigning on Friday, after one of his supporters who had gathered to listen to his manifesto asked tasked him to explain the absence of his party on the lower levels of leadership.

During the campaign event, one of the supporters asked Mao to explain why DP has no agents in Namisindwa.

Mao in response admitted the party weakness and asked locals to stand up and take up leadership positions in the party.

“You are right, we don’t have agents and we need agents especially you the youth,” Mao said.

“Please join us. Politics is not a bad thing. I know you these days you only think of teargas and bullets. But that is not politics. Politics is when money is sent to a sub county, how do you decide how the money will be spent. So, don’t be afraid of politics. And I am hoping that one of you will one day become a strong DP leader.”

“For those of you who want to join us, I am inviting young people to come and write down your names and contacts. We shall come back, meet you and train you to become leaders,” Mao said.

Meanwhile, he wooed Namisindwa residents and called on youths in the area to join DP’s youth wing, the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) and vote for DP.

Further, Mao implored all people to vote for DP and “reclaim their future.”


Mao’s campaign slogan is “reclaiming your future.”

“We are saying reclaiming your future because Museveni has stolen it. We are chasing him so we get it back. How can we secure what has been stolen?,” he said

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