Namirembe Parents Sued over Disfigurement of Pupil

A primary two pupil has dragged her school to the civil division to the High Court, accusing it of giving her chores that resulted into her deformation after her toe was amputated.

Michelle Mukisa, in her suit filed on March 8, 2018, accuses her school, Namirembe Parents Mixed Day and Boarding School found in Lubaga division, Kampala, of unwittingly or wittingly leading to her disfigurement.

According to court documents, trouble started on December 1, 2017, when Mukisa was ordered by a matron at the school, to mop a corridor or veranda of her dormitory.

That at this Veranda, the suit says, is where food safes are kept.  After instructing the 7 – year- old Mukisa to mop, court documents indicate that the matron, whose name is not mentioned, didn’t bother to supervise the pupil, yet apparently, it was in the night.

“After mopping as instructed, the plaintiff [Mukisa] was hit by one of the food safes thereby causing her serious injuries on the second toe on the left leg,” the suit reads in part, and a photo showing the affected toe has been attached to the plaint.

After Mukisa was hit by the food safe, it is said that she was taken to the school nurse who did not give her first aid or examine the affected toe.

Instead, Mukisa through Kaggwa-Oweyesigire and company advocates asserts that the nurse, again whose name is not mentioned, placed a plaster leaving the affected borne exposed.

Though Mukisa admits that later the school took her to Mengo Hospital, she says that nothing was achieved there.


The doctors at Mengo after examining her through a scan, Mukisa says they arrived to the conclusion that they couldn’t manage her ailment.

They recommended that she should be taken to another healthy facility for further management.

Next, Mukisa, who is suing through her next friend Paul Kaggwa because she is below age, says that she was taken to Kampala Orthopedic and Trauma Center, found on Sir Apollo Kaggaw Road, in Mengo.

At this health facility, which deals with people with disabilities, Mukisa claims that she was advised that her “affected toe couldn’t be put to normal.”

And this, she says, led to the debridement or amputation of her foot.

“That the scan process revealed that the plaintiff’s [Mukisa] toe couldn’t be put to normal as it had been infected with a virus due to poor attention or fist aid accorded to it at the time of the occurrence of the accident or incident and this had caused the plaintiff to lose her toe permanently,” the suit says

Now, Mukisa says that her amputation, which she squarely blames on the school, is detrimental to not only her wellbeing but also her family.

This is so, since according to her, her chances of being employed in some government departments such as the police and the army have been deterred due to the permanent injury sustained on her body.

She additionally claims that she now stands a big risk of being discriminated.

It’s Mukisa’s case, that school exhibited gross negligence, when it instructed her, a primary two girl to mop at 8pm without any supervision and also later failed to administer first aid as required at the time of the incident.

Another accusation the pupil has against her school is placing the food safes in positions that are within the reach of the children.

”Sending the plaintiff [Mukisa] to the hospital, without any medical personnel accredited by the defendant [Namirembe parents] save for a school driver who didn’t have any expertise in that field,” is another particular of negligence that Mukisa accuse the school of doing.

With that, she wants Justice Lydia Mugambe Ssali to order the school to atone to its sins by parting with Shs50 million in damages.

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