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Namirembe Hillside Fire: 7 Students Arrested In Investigation

A total of seven students have been arrested by police in connection with the fire that burnt Namirembe Hillside College last week.

According to police, the suspects were picked by detectives from Kasangati police station on suspicion that they were directly responsible for the incident in  which many property was lost and damaged.

An update on the investigations indicates that the suspects had earlier planned and attempted to bring down the school into ashes with intentions yet to be established.

The arrested have been identified as Lorine Lamwok, a student of S2, Humphrey Atumanya S2, Kevin Akankwasa, Dulwa Christabel, Anna Kontuna, Penina Nabirye and Clinton Amumpire.

Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesman Luke Owoyesigire told journalists that suspects initially attempted to burn the school last weekend, but the fire was extinguished.

In one of the set ups, Luke said that they had placed bed sheets soaked in paraffin in a charcoal ironing box under a bed in the dormitory, but it was extinguished.

On Thursday, fire again broke out from the boy’s dormitory and two floors including the student’s property.

Police said that some of the suspects have confessed to committing the crime and conclusive evidence is yet to be established.


Owoyesigire said that when investigations are concluded, the students shall be charged with arson in courts of law.

However, amongst the suspects, a one Lamwok Lorine had reportedly been suspended from the school and is a perpetual criminal student who had been expelled from previous schools too.

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