Namirembe Diocese Speaks Out on Demolished Ndeeba Church

The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, Rt Rev Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira has described the demolition of St Peter’s Church Ndeeba as sad and unfortunate.

The church was demolished on Sunday night, despite the availability of eviction guidelines recently issued by Lands Minister Betty Kamya that no eviction or demolition should take place at night or over the weekend.

The land, on which the church sits, is under contestation between the Christians and another party, a businessman identified as Dodovico.

Luwalira wondered why the activity was done at night.

“Dear friends, we have heard the sad news of the demolition of St. Peter’s church Ndeeba. This has been done while each of us knows what we are going through as a country where by some land transactions were put on hold and this was during the night when most of us know that we are supposed to be in our homes,” Luwalira said.

“I believe that those who did this were the men who could be allowed to move around during the night and you can see what they have done to this church building,” he added.

Luwalira noted the church structure reflected the commitment of the Christians who contributed their effort and resources to make it a sound church that has existed for 40 years.

“It is so sad, very unfortunate for an issue which has been handled since 1981 to be at this point that it has ended the way it has ended. I know it hurts all of us and in a special way, the Christians of St Peter’s church Ndeeba. You could see the beauty of this church and you could appropriate the efforts of the Christians who put up such a church as it was, but now it is no more,” he added.


Luwalira assured all Christians that the culprits will be found.

“Out of this, I have no doubt that the person behind this act of seeing the church out of that place will be known in broad day light. It was done at night but that person will be known. I want to encourage you brethren, fear Him (God) who can destroy the body and soul but don’t fear those who can only kill the body,” he stated.

“Much as they have done this, I trust that they will not kill the love and commitment of Christians. It is my prayer that the (culprits) lives will never be the same,” he concluded.


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