Nambooze Speaks on Viral Social Media Photo; Berates ‘NRM Propagandists’

By Betty Nambooze

As part of the physiotherapy clinic I am required to cycle either by riding a stationary bike,a moving one or lie on my back, lift my legs up from the knee and pretend to be cycling among the many other exercises. Am also required to walk two kilometers every day either on a treadmill or physically on the road.

The secret here is to assist muscles that were cut during surgery to grow back and enable the body to adjust to the metal lumbers introduced in my body.

In fact if you are to see the clinic session I undertake with my physiotherapist you will definitely sympathize with me.

And I must record these sessions and send them to my Doctor in India to prove that am following the instructions so that in case I suffer a setback the hospital will take responsibility.

In the first stage of these sessions in India, my husband would lockup himself in the bedroom of our apartment to stay away from this gruesome exercises which to be truthful gives me a lot of pain.

My husband almost cried when Doctors told me to stand up and walk around only 24 hours after the surgery.

But I have learnt a thing or two from my Doctor, one is that healing starts with the brain and you must relax your body while undertaking exercise to benefit from them.


Two, that as an injured and recuperating patient you don’t need to drown yourself in self pity or hopelessness, you must befreind your condition and smile at your misery.

The Doctors also told me that its fatal to stay on pain killers long since in addition to making you an addict they have capacity to blow one’s kidney.

Natural healing facilitated by exercises is therefore recommended aggressively for the first three months and regularly for the rest of on’s life.

Back pain doesn’t stop one from eating and eating without exercises gives a patient extra weight that is dangerous for a person with metal implants like me. So that is my situation for now and for the rest of my life.

It therefore buffled me when Nrm (sic) propagandists picked on a photo I posted here taken during an early morning exercise session in my compound as evidence that its unlikely that I had an operation recently.

The primitive world we grew up in would require a patient not to eat in order to satisfy others that he/she is indeed sick. In the modern world we encourage patients to eat.

To our friends in the NRM, Nambooze had been condemned to death or to be permanently in a wheel chair sort of that she becomes “a liar who flew to India for a holiday on taxpayer’s money”.

To them any development in your life is tagged to Museveni’s rule in that when you put on flowery summer shorts during exercises and ride a second hand bike you are accused of “abusing the President who has made you rich” and such photo is paraded to show the public how opposition leaders are benefiting from the regime !!

This is a strategy of Dictators who get paid propagandists to say bad things about their victims to enable them escape guilt.

You broke my back and am struggling to grow it back and for that we shall meet in court early next year.

I am aching both in body and soul …you cant imagine that I depend on my children and husband to bath and dress up since I cant bend to slip on a knicker, short, trouser or skirt.

However the struggle is our life, so we shallow our pain and put on a brave face to keep the candle burning.

Good thing is that I recently landed on a chat and was able to identify the assassins who wanted to finish me off.

The first five faces plus number 9 on the attached photo were the women goons who grabbed me from the lobby of parliament and dragged me down stairs were I was tortured to near death.

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