Nambooze Says Satan Used Fellow MPs to Block Her Anti-alcohol Bill

Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament (MP) Betty Nambooze Bakileke has agreed to work hand in hand with government to ensure that a more comprehensive bill seeking to regulate alcohol consumption is tabled in Parliament.

This came after Parliament denied the legislator leave of the house to introduce the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill 2016, treatment advising her to first seek consent from government.

The Alcohol Control Bill also seeks to regulate those who manufacture alcohol, and among others proposes a time for one to sell alcohol  and also license for one to import alcohol.

Nambooze told Chimpreports on Thursday that she is not shocked with the decision that Parliament took since she is aware that she’s fighting a war against the devil himself.

“This bill has faced huddles as it was likely, because it is not easy to legislate against human conduct; to legislate against alcohol is definitely legislating against Satan himself,” Nambooze said.

“I am very much aware that Satan was around the corridors of this Parliament to influence members to oppose this bill,” Nambooze noted.

Nambooze however said she has been able to make a wakeup call to government as it accepted to take up the bill.

“To me that is an achievement and I want to congratulate the people of Mukono and all those that are interested in having a sober, safe, healthier and more organized, orderly society of Uganda.”


Nambooze remarked that it is only such a society that Uganda will be able to achieve its political, economic and social aspirations as a country.

“The laws I seek to amend were written in 1964 after independence when Ugandans had this big dream of an organized society. These are not colonial laws but written by our fore fathers who wished this country great.”

‘This country has been neglecting laws to do with protection of society in the name of collecting taxes, I am going push forward, meeting the minister and whoever is concerned until this bill becomes a law.”

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