Nambooze Pressures Gov’t to Address Poison Scare

Mukono Municipality lawmaker Betty Nambooze has urged government to speak out on fear among opposition leaders that they are being targeted for elimination using poison.

The controversial lawmaker on Saturday returned from South Africa where she was treated for pancreatitis, drugs http://consugi.com/wp-admin/includes/screen.php a sudden attack causing inflammation of the pancreas and usually associated with severe upper abdominal pain.

“On serious note, ask I call upon government to address by way of clearing the air on the rampant poison and toxicity scares across the nation, viagra 100mg ” said Nambooze.

“It is publicly perceived that particular individuals are victims and targets of assassination and elimination by poisoning,” added the opposition MP.

“This has prompted mistrust in the public even for medical facilities where some people fear to go for medical treatment just in case they get poisoned.”

Nambooze fell ill a couple of weeks ago, raising fears about her health.

She received her first treatment at Mukono Church of Uganda Hospital before being referred to International Medical Center Kampala after which she travelled to South Africa.

Nambooze’s remarks come against the backdrop of widely publicized opposition politicians’ claims that former lawmaker, Cerinah Nebanda was poisoned.


An autopsy by a government pathologist concluded that Nebanda was a victim of illicit drug abuse.

The government postmortem report was hugely contested by the opposition and dissenting NRM MPs.

Nambooze said President Museveni himself lent credence to the fear of poisoning when his “daughter was flown abroad to give birth for which he said he feared for her life if she was handled by a Uganda doctor.”

She said government needs to reassure Ugandans of its “commitment to the security of their lives by providing for and holding honest inquests in cases of deaths or alleged deaths occurring from other than natural causes and related matters.”

Nambooze said the inquests in some recent cases involve the death of the Hon. Nebanda and others for which Commissions of Inquiry have been instituted but the reports not made public.


She further called for reforms in the Uganda Medical Board, saying its system doesn’t care for emergencies since it takes until the next board sitting to decide on a case.

“Besides, one’s Doctor is required to personally go, present and defend a case before the Board. The board actually takes little interest even for individuals to whom this facility is available by entitlement. With such delays, we may find ourselves having to fund funerals for deaths that could have otherwise been avoided,” said Nambooze.

“Much as I attempted to seek clearance by the board, no funds have been made available for my treatment. I have had to rely on the support of friends and personal initiative to get treated in South Africa.”

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