Nambooze Prepares for South Africa Trip as Court Issues Criminal Summons

Nakawa Grade One Magistrate Jackeline Kagoya yesterday issued criminal summons to Mukono Municipality legislator Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke

This came after Nambooze failed to appear in court on time for mentioning of the case where she is charged with inciting violence.

This prompted state prosecutor Anne Ntimba to ask the trial magistrate to issue criminal summons to ensure that the MP doesn’t skip court next time

The defense counsel Abdullah Kiwanuka had asked for a 30 minute adjournment to enable his client to arrive in court from hospital.

The magistrate however, was not convinced and thus issued the summons, adjourning the matter to 8th November.

Later on after the matter was adjourned, Nambooze arrived at court in an Ambulance

The MP said she was surprised by the magistrate’s actions; issuing summons for a sickly persons like her without giving her an opportunity.

She added that on the new date fixed for hearing she will be in South Africa for further treatment of her injured back.


Last month before the same court Nambooze was charged with inciting violence, which charges she denied before being released on bail.

It’s alleged by prosecution that Nambooze on the 9th/June 2018 through utterings and writings in the media, incited the public to attack and murder public figures, however guarded they may be since, government could not secure them.


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