Nambooze Cautions Lazy Opposition Parliamentary Aspirants on Nomination Procedure

The incumbent Member of Parliament, of Mukono municipality, Betty Nambooze Bakireke, who recently crossed from the Democratic Party (DP) to the National Unity Platform party (NUP) and even secured its flag for the same Constituency has tipped her fellow NUP Parliamentary aspirants on the nomination exercise.

The Electoral Commission changed the nomination days for MP aspirants from October 2 and 3, to October 15 and 16, respectively, in order to allow those candidates whose names on academic documents and National IDs don’t match to be rectified.

Nambooze noted that some candidates are ignorant about the requirements and the new procedures yet no one is sensitizing them,

“We advise that all candidates on any forces of change tickets, don’t tempt the devil. All of us should get nominated on Thursday October 15, and reserve Friday October 16, to iron out a few issues that may have risen. Remember, we are endangered politicians,” she said.

She urged them to check out with their area EC offices, have ten signatures, two monitors, one chief agent and the National ID, to be able to full proof that matter has about three sets of nominator’s documents with different names.

“It is better to have more nominators than standing a risk of rejection, after your nominator is declared unregistered by EC, starting off candidature with rejection even if it is for few hours is very bad thing and it has capacity to disorganize the camp and causing defeat,” she noted.

She urged them to jealously keep all files containing original documents away from their people including; staff, agents and even some family members.

“It would be proper for you to pay the nomination fees (Shs3m) payable to banks not later than October 14, to be on a safer side.


The procedure for paying this feeds is quite difficult, since receipts of this payment is centralized to EC Headquarters in Kampala. You go to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) with your Tax Identification Number (TIN) or the National ID and URA will give you payment slip of Shs3m and make payments but be careful because some Commercial Banks do not receive URA payments,” she emphasized, adding;

“The slip that is returned to you at the bank is taken to the EC headquarters in Kampala and it is from here where you will be given a receipt (Room 7) to take to your District Registrar’s office, where the Constituency you are standing for is located,”

Nambooze added that candidates should note that on the nomination forms, there is a part which is filled by the Commissioner of Oath or Magistrate after taking a vow before him or her.

“After these procedures, take your forms to be signed by the Secretary General of your party. NUP Secretary General (SG) has however delegated some districts to appointed party registrars to ease access to the party seal. However, NUP from Buganda region are supposed to have nomination endorsed from Kamwokya, by the SG himself,”

“We have had enough arguments among ourselves, let our minds and energy be now focused on the campaigns and polls,” she concluded.


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