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NAMBOLE: Lumumba, Odoi Apologize for Election Mess

More details on the ‘Statement of Principles’ signed between Dr Kizza Besigye and Hon Amama Mbabazi have been revealed, no rx http://dcointl.com/wp-includes/post.php providing for the position of a powerful Prime Minister  who cannot be sacked by the President.

“We shall go into the elections, find as agreed, side effects as a single coalition with one presidential candidate,” reads the first resolution of the principles signed by Dr Besigye and Mbabazi on October 29.

During the opposition leaders’ meeting in London, Besigye and Mbabazi further agreed to form an election protection mechanism during 2016 electoral process.

This will be aimed at combating the NRM government accused of engaging in electoral malpractices.

In the government of national unity and reform that shall be formed in case they win an election, the two aspirants agreed that there shall be a “Prime Minister with the authority to perform executive functions as shall be provided for by the parties to this agreement.”

According to the principles, the Prime Minister shall be formally appointed by the president following the elections and “shall not be removed by the president.”

The move is seen as a big step forward in coalescing opposition’s efforts against President Museveni’s government.

The discussions were held under the auspices of the Kofi Annan Foundation and attended by representatives of foreign groups.


Attempts to secure a joint presidential candidate failed during TDA talks in Kampala and later Nairobi.

Dr Besigye said then that he could not rally behind Mbabazi as his commitment to good governance and accountability remained questionable.

In Nairobi, the two leaders failed to reach a consensus during talks mediated by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

That the two leaders agreed to settle their differences with one stepping down to support the other underscores the increasing influence of foreign powers on Uganda’s opposition groups.

Mbabazi, Besigye,  Moreno Ocampo, Otunnu and Kofi Annan among other opposition supporters in UK last week
Mbabazi, Besigye, Moreno Ocampo, Otunnu and Kofi Annan among other opposition supporters in UK last week


According to the ‘State of Principles,’ each party to the agreement shall nominate one person to be appointed as one of two deputy prime ministers.

The cabinet shall consist of the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, two Deputy Prime Ministers, and other Ministers.

The president shall appoint members of the cabinet whom the president will have agreed upon with the prime minister based on the principle of portfolio balance (allocation and management method aimed at balancing risk and return – Ed) as shall be specified by the parties to this agreement.

In case of a reshuffle, the two politician’s agreement provides that the “removal of any minister of the coalition shall be subject to consultation and concurrence in writing by the parties to this agreement”.

This is perhaps aimed at avoiding betrayal whereby a President decides to sack ministers loyal to the prime minister.

Mbabazi and Besigye are expected to issue a statement on Monday on who will be stepping down for the other.

Should this alliance win the election, the principles provide that “the government of national unity/ and reform shall within the first year carry out democratic reforms and provide for constitutional governance and free and fair elections within a period not to exceed two years.”

The two NRA historicals decided that in the interest of the unity of Ugandans committed to democratic change, they will submit these principles to their respective political structures for discussion and ratification.

This means FDC’s top leadership organs must endorse these principles. Besigye and his closest ally Nandala Mafabi will have to convince NEC to buy this idea.

The parties are expected to agree on the persons and institutions that will serve as guarantors of the agreement under the auspices of the Kofi Annan Foundation.

They concluded: “We wish to state, finally, that we are fully committed to unity and the fielding of a single presidential candidate under these principles.”

Mbabazi speaks out

In a press statement issued today, Mbabazi said TDA-Go Forward held a Summit meeting during which the statement of Principles was discussed.

He said the Summit adopted and ratified these principles as a basis for further negotiations.

“We have now designated a team of six to immediately engage in these negotiations with the FDC to give full effect to all the principles agreed upon,” said Mbabazi.

“We are committed to completing this process before the Presidential Nominations take place,” he said, before inviting his supporters to his nomination as a presidential candidate on Tuesday next week.
The Supreme Court in Kampala has ruled that an MP cannot lose his/her seat after being expelled from a political party, sildenafil http://cutteraviation.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/verification-tools.php Chimp Corps report.

This was contained in a 6-1 ruling issued on Friday.

Led by Justice Jotham Tumwesigye, for sale http://celltrials.info/wp-includes/class-walker-page-dropdown.php the judges held that MPs are representatives of the people whose will cannot be “subverted by political organisations.”

In 2014, medications http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-content/plugins/thrive-leads/editor-layouts/element-menus/_form_box.php the Constitutional Court ruled that MPs Theodore Ssekikuubo (Lwemiyaga), Barnabus Tinkasiimire (Buyaga), Mohammed Nsereko (Kampala Central) and Winfred Niwagaba (Ndorwa East) should vacate their seats after being kicked out of NRM on grounds of indiscipline and conspiring against party chairman, President Museveni.

Legal experts warned then that if unchallenged, the Constitutional Court’s ruling posed serious ramifications on the democratic process in Uganda considering that a mere dismissal of an elected MP from a political party would mean losing a parliamentary seat.

Observers also cautioned that ordering the four MPs to leave Parliament due to NRM’s internal disagreements would disenfranchise thousands of voters who elected them to Parliament.

In today’s ruling, judges sided with Speaker Rebecca Kadaga who protected the MPs by “refusing to bow to pressure” from then powerful NRM Secretary General, Amama Mbabazi to have the quartet removed from their seats.

The ruling will encourage MPs to speak freely about the running of their parties without fear of being thrown out of the House.

Immediately after the court’s judgment, the MPs together with their supporters called upon all other MPs from all political parties especially in the next parliament to focus on presenting people’s grievances in parliament instead of focusing on party issues.

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko described this achievement as a sign of victory not only to them but to every Ugandan.

“It’s clear now that all MPS are going to be telling the truth while in parliament; nobody is again going to influence their decision making. We thank the speaker of Parliament and judiciary for always standing for the truth,” Nsereko remarked

Theodre Sekikuubo on his part cautioned ‘lazy Mps’ that their time had run out, as they  would no longer be able to blame their incompetence on political parties.


The National Resistance Movement party top officials have apologized for some of the unpleasant incidences registered during the recent primary elections for Members of Parliament and LC5 Chairpersons.

The Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba and the Electoral Commission, this http://corifentreprises.fr/wp-admin/includes/revision.php Tanga Odoi on Friday jointly expressed their regretful acknowledgment at Mandela National Stadium, sildenafil http://chipinhead.com/wp-includes/feed-rss.php Nambole, during the Delegates Conference for NRM league leaders from all around the country.

Lumumba who spoke first said the mess was not intended and the victims should forgive the party leadership and embark on positive activities to consolidate the achievements of NRM.

At first, the exercise that was supposed to be held on Monday was surprisingly cancelled at midnight and extended to the next day without an explanation to the over 2000 candidates and millions of voters.

Again on Tuesday, some polling stations and even districts like Moroto, Soroti and others failed to get their ballot boxes since they were either forgotten in Kampala or taken to other districts.

The registers and yellow books did not help matters either as voters in some areas found their names missing or even marked dead when they are still alive. Meanwhile areas like in Lamwo district the names on the ballots were not enough for contestants and people were forced to use exercise books.

In the Busia district polls for the Woman Member of Parliament, one of the contenders name didn’t appear and instead another one who wasn’t nominated was on the ballot paper. Samia Bugwe North experienced the same while in Rwampara only 7 ticking boxes appeared on the ballot with 8 candidates.

Lumumba said today that the anomalies were unfortunate and should not mean the end of the party.

“Let me first congratulate all the winners of the just finished elections and thank you for winning. Let me also congratulate those who participated and the exercise meaningful.”

“We realized there were some mistakes in the process and we sincerely apologize for them. Please forgive us and let’s sort them out for the better of our party. We need to consolidate the good things we have done as a party and all of us should participate,” Lumumba said.

When she gave the microphone to EC chairman Tanga Odoi, he echoed the same and added that petitions and complaints are going to be fully handled.

“My Secretary General has said it but I still appeal to everybody who was inconvenienced or disappointed by the elections we had on Tuesday and unfortunately on Wednesday due to some glitches to forgive us,” he said.


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