Namaganda Plaza, Galilaya Arcade Closed Again

Among the Covid-19 cases registered on Monday this week, two were from the Kampala Metropolitan area and these are workers from two city arcades.

As a result, the arcades; Namaganda plaza and Galilaya have been closed again, as contact tracing is ongoing. The minister for Kampala Capital City Betty Amongi confirmed the closure of the arcades.

“At the moment, we have 2 arcades that have registered Covid-19 positive cases; Namaganda plaza and Galilaya. The two people who work in those arcades called our emergency response unit through community alerts,” she said.

Amongi noted that upon tracing back on their contacts at places of work, it was confirmed that these two gentlemen were from the above arcades.

A team of scientists has been assigned to consult and do contact tracing of the people who have interacted with the patients and recommend immediate action to be taken. However, Amongi noted that “contract tracing is still a burden.”

The rise in COVID-19 cases has been attributed to non-compliance to health guidelines by the public.

The Minister also said that since the lifting of the lockdown, Kampala has seen a 50% increase in COVID-19 infections. “Some infections have come from taxis and boda bodas,” she stated.

So far, two arcades and three factories have registered positive cases.


The Ministry of Health has since ordered temporary closure of the three business premises in Kampala whose employees tested positive for covid-19.

“We have registered emerging clusters of transmission in 3 business premises in the last one week where in all, 11 cases and 316 contacts have been identified. These business premises have been recommended for temporary closure,” Jane Ruth Acheng, the Minister of Health said.

These include; Eagle Holdings (4 cases confirmed) linked to the 5th Covid-19 death, a 46-year-old female of Indian descent, Megha Industries (4 cases confirmed) and Toyota Uganda (3 cases confirmed).


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