Nakiwala Again: Fans are Responsible for the Welfare of Onyebuchi

The issue of the Express FC injured player Vincent Onyebuchi continues to intensify.

This can be evidenced by the increasing widening gap between Club Chairperson Hon. Florence Nakiwala and the club fans, especially those of ‘the save Onyebuchi’ campaign.

Nakiwala was today hosted on Radio One’s Sports show “the Lockeroom” to discuss Onyebuchi issues, especially distancing herself from the fundraising drive.

The Youth and Children Affairs Minister strongly claimed that it is “strictly” the role of the fans to help the injured player.

“In the structures of Express FC, I made it very clear that I wanted to empower my fans base. It’s the first time that you find the fans governing almost all the club incomes. They run the gates and you will never find me pocking my nose in anything to do with the money,” Nakiwala said.

She added that the club management “mandated” fans to monitor the welfare of players.

This, the minister asserted, was because “I empowered them” through “legal registration”.

According to Nakiwala, a bank account was even opened for the fans.

“The fans are responsible for the welfare of player’s welfare (Onyebuchi). I have done my part already.”

The “Save Onyebuchi” campaign is led by former Express FC Chief Executive Officer Jjunju Hamza and vice chairman fans club Julius Bakunda.

Asked if she will join the fundraisers for the same cause, the minister said:

“And when Julius (Bakunda) is handling on Vincent’s issues, I dont know why I should bring my weight to suffocate him. I want him to tell me that he has failed, then I come in.”

She further noted that she trusts her team’s credibility, so she doesnt want to tarnish her name because of money issues.

“Am known in Express as someone who doesnt interfere with money and I do it deliberately. I dont want to tarnish my name to the fans that am being mixed up with things to do with finances,” she said.

Nakiwala affirmed that she is not bothered by what people are speaking about her on social media.

“I am used to the youth and when they are silent, I have a problem. I want people to talk and talk until they can’t talk anymore.”

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