Nakivubo Stadium Will be Ready by End of 2021 – Says Project Manager

The name, Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium is undoubtedly synonymous with football in Uganda, not forgetting the interesting history accompanying the ground.

The stadium has witnessed memories and records made and broken, talent born, celebrations, anguish and all there is to live for the beautiful game.

The ground has been the home to Ugandan football and promises to retain its place very soon.

After securing the tender, Ham enterprises has been working tirelessly to restore the Stadium’s glory days through a fundermental replenishment.

The long standing works by the company have left local football fans undecided about what to make of the constructors, some arguing that the stadium could have been sold off for demolition and Business enterprising.

However, the Stadium construction project manager Aine Agaba has laid down fears and reassured the public that the stadium should be completed by the end of next year.

“The stadium should be completed by August 2021. The delay was due to bouts of litigation and foundation that had to be raised from a wetland in last year’s long rainy season,” Agaba said.

The construction works spear-headed by Roko will put in place a State of the Art Stadium on an acreage of about 13 acres with a seating capacity of 34,500, modern athletic tracks, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and other indoor games.

Construction works at the site

The stadium will also have offices for rent, Hotels, Conference facilities, Boardroom, Sport Souvenir Shops, Shopping Malls, Multi-level parking of about 10,000 cars among others.

By 2022, Ugandans especially sports lovers will be treated to a new magnificent football pitch, built with an international touch to accommodate various sports activities.

When completed, Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium (NWMS) stands to give a new facelift to the country’s sports sector by providing an answer to the continuous demand for better sports facilities.

Nakivubo through the years

Nakivubo war Memorial stadium (NWMS) was established 54 years ago under the NWMS Trust Act, 1963 with a board of Trustees appointed by the former Sports Minister Charles Bakabulindi.

The stadium that was initially established in 1926 has seen it all serving Ugandans and going through timely renovations and refurbishment, the first of such coming in 1954 by the British colonial government to commemorate the lives of Ugandans killed during the Second World War.

In September, 2009 a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) approach with Ham Enterprises was entered into, to redevelop the dilapidated facility into modern one scaled up to International Standards.

In 2017, Ham Enterprises, under the stewardship of its director and City tycoon Hamis Kiggundu commenced the redevelopment of the stadium.

The redevelopment involves improvement to the playing surface (pitch), increasing seating capacity, improve the sitting arrangement and standards and the construction of retail shops outside the walls of the facility.

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