Nakawa, Naguru NRM Voters Protest Last Minute Splitting of Polling Centre

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Primaries in Nakawa West Division nearly failed to take place after voters protested an eleventh hour decision to split the area into two polling stations.

Voters were irked by a decision to allocate Nakawa Market and Naguru Police Barracks different polling centers without prior communication from the authorities.

According to the new arrangements, NRM voters from Nakawa Market were supposed to vote from the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) headquarters in Nakawa whereas their comrades from Naguru were to cast their ballots at Naguru Infant Primary School just a stone’s throw away.

This almost threw into disarray the internal polls for City Mayors and Local Council Five (LC 5) leaders but after heated exchanges, they agreed to hold the elections at the KCCA headquarters.

Speaking to this website, Zainah Ojior, a polling official said that this sudden move was at the command of the Nakawa NRM registrar but could not avail a written confirmation to that effect.

“I was not among those who decided this. What I know is that it was the registrar of this place. The people here were many and they had to divide it so that social distancing could be maintained,” Ojior intimated.

This, however, was contested by a section of voters who argued that it could be the making of a one Winnie Nandudu who is eyeing the LC 3 position on the NRM card.

Rodgers Mugisha, a voter, argued that this could be aimed at flimflamming voters ahead of the NRM LC 3 primaries that are scheduled for Monday September 14, 2020.


“It is quite absurd that they have changed it today. There are two candidates; Nandudu Winnie and Peace Kamugisha who are contesting for LC 3 post. So after seeing that she (Nandudu) has big support from here (Naguru), that’s why she has decided to separate the two polling stations,” Mugisha intimated.

NRM members lining up to cast their vote at Nakawa Sub County headquarters

This talk was, however, negated by Nandudu’s camp saying it does not hold any water.

“You see some of these people are used to being together. So they were not happy about being separated,” Dennis Opon disclosed.

The polls                                                                                                                         

Preliminary results for the Mayoral position show that Daniel Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee has beaten his closest rival Sebaana Kizito at Naguru Barracks (village 32) polling station with 79 votes to 23.

On the other hand, Sebaana Kizito polled 12 votes at Nakawa Market (village 31) polling station edging Ragga Dee by only five ballots.

Concerning the Woman LC V, results so far indicate that Zurah Achayi has defeated her closest rival Peace Bireije at Nakawa Market polling center by a margin of ten votes having garnered 16.


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