Nakalema Rallies Special Forces to Join Fight Against Corruption

KASENYI, WAKISO DISTRICT: The State House Head of the Anti- Corruption Unit, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has called on SFC officers and cadres to be focused and honest while performing their duties.

She made the call during this week’s presentation on the challenges in the fight against corruption in Uganda today.

The presentation was attended by over 50 SFC officers and cadres attending a basic Cadre course at the Sera Kasenyi Training School in Wakiso District.

“We the SFC officers are the ones to fight corruption. Officers can be appointed to work in big offices when they maintain integrity. Be focused and honest. We want to have a corruption free Uganda and it’s the duty of every citizen to fight corruption,” Lt. Col. Nakalema said.

While Nakalema’s desk is seen as a rapid response unit in the bigger war against corruption, observers say it lacks the necessary infrastructure to eliminate the vice in the country.

Additionally, Nakalema needs to be seen working closely with institutions mandated to fight graft especially the Inspectorate of Government.

Nakalema paid tribute to the SFC Commander, Major General James Birungi for his cooperation and professionalism.

She said the national constitution requires all wananchi to actively participate in fighting the vice.


Nakalema said security personnel have an added duty in the fight against corruption and observed that without soldiers being involved in the fight, the country can be in a bad state.

She warned SFC against extortion and noted that the Government has succeeded in attracting investors into a wide range of ventures in Uganda.

Nakalema, who previously served as Museveni’s secretary, said it would be a lost effort by Government in attracting the investors because of corrupt characters.

The Anti- Corruption Unit has recovered over Shs 20 billion since it commenced its operations.

Nakalema said 162 people have so far been arraigned in courts of law, adding that there has been a lot of progress towards eliminating the criminals.

Major General James Birungi urged the officers to be transparent as they serve their country.

“You must practice transparency. Let it be our responsibility to work with the Anti –Corruption Unit. You must go slow and learn to live within your means,” he said. He said the SFC leadership and UPDF in general was committed to exposing the criminals in the forces.

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