Nakalema Rallies Religious Leaders to Join Fight against Corruption

The head of the State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema has said that the national Constitution empowers all citizens to fight corruption and misuse or wastage of public funds and it should be everyone’s responsibility.

Nakalema made these “war against corruption” remarks at a ceremony during the ongoing Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) 3 day retreat.

“The Uganda Constitution requires every citizen to combat corruption and misuse or wastage of public property. All the people affected by corruption are under the guidance of religious leaders. If you all went and preached a gospel against corruption, it will have a big impact on our society,” Nakalema said.

The event, held under the theme “Enhancing voice and action in integrity and ethical conduct for religious leaders of Uganda” is taking place at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel in Wakiso District, facilitated by the Office of the Inspector General of Government (IGG) and the Global Leadership Summit.

Nakalema further emphasized that IRCU is everywhere and that it should use its capacity fully to enable society to eradicate the vice, adding that the religious leaders have the power to put to task everyone in public service to be accountable.

Quoting from the book of Luke chapter 19 in the Bible, she said that one must have the ability to identify and understand the source of his enemy’s strength with particular reference to corruption.

She noted that just like the qualities of a good soldier are obedience, readiness, team work, flexibility and timeliness, the Inter Religious Council can fight well against the vice because it has got the capacity to clean up people’s hearts.

The anti-corruption unit chief urged religious leaders to take the message on fighting corruption deep into the various grass root congregations in Uganda and observed that they can persuade and change the hearts of the people through their faith.


The head of the Inter Religious Council of Uganda who is also the Mufti, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje re-echoed that religious leaders are parties in the fight against corruption.

“People must fear God before fearing fellow people. We must unite in the struggle to apprehend those involved in corruption,” he said.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda Stephen Kazimba Mugalu said religious leaders need to speak out and stop being silent about corruption.

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