Nakalama-Tirinyi-Mbale Road Nears Completion, to be Handed Over by September

The ongoing rehabilitation works on Nakalama-Tirinyi- Mbale road in Eastern Uganda will soon be completed and the road fully handed over for public use according to the contractor, Dott Services Limited.

Eng. Jameson Olonya, the Contract Manager, Dott Services who is also the project supervisor said the road which now stands at more than 96% completion will be fully completed by end of September 2020 and handed over to the government of Uganda.

According to Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), the 100km road project that kicked off in April 2018 with a timeline of 25 months was supposed to completed by May 2020, however because of understandable challenges like delays in acquiring right of way, delays in relocation of utilities lines like water and UMEME and vandalizing of existing culverts and guardrails, the deadline could not be met.

“There has been slight delays in the project completion timeline because of the slightly heavy rains earlier this year and slight changes in the project design, however on the whole, the project has been executed successfully with no major problems. We are only left with 3 and a half Kms and we are still operating within the original project cost of Shs 135b, funded by the government of Uganda. We are also proud to mention that we are directly supervised by UNRA internal team that has been keeping us on our toes to ensure that we deliver a highly quality road to the people of eastern Uganda,” Eng Olonya said.

This was during a field trip by a section of the media to inspect the progress of the road on Sunday. Eng. Olonya told the journalists that despite the bad publicity that the company has continued to receive from some section of the media geared by some corrupt government officials, the Company is committed to delivering high quality projects to Ugandans because they have a big stake in the interest in the wellbeing of the country owing to the fact they are a local company with permanent location in Uganda.

“Once the project is handed over, we are still liable to a one-year defect notification, however, for us we are looking at its life span which is approximately 15 years. We are still going to be hear and answerable to Ugandans. That is why we have ensured that this road is done properly within the agreed standards as approved by our supervisor and boss UNRA,” he added.

Andrew Tugume, an engineer with Dott Services urged Ugandans to support local companies instead of always trying to bring them down while promoting the foreigners.

He further urged local leaders and the communities to be vigilant against the vandalism of road equipment.

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