NAADS to Construct Fruit Factory in Nwoya District

Government through the National Agricultural Advisory Services [NAADS] has earmarked about 19 billion shillings for the Construction of a fruit factory in Nwoya district.

‘’Our aim as NAADs is to increase production for the   import substitution; improving the incomes of farmers and families but also value addition,’’ Said Khadija Nakakande, the head of Communication at NAADS

“We shall still continue supplying seeds to the farmers, but we shall also construct for them a fruit factory.’’

She added that the process of procuring a contractor is underway and the construction of the Factory is set to commence in the next financial year.

NAADs believe that the 12 metric ton per hour factory will add value to the mangoes, orange and guavas grown in Nwoya and neighbouring districts

This website understands that the installation of processing equipment will be done in phases starting with 8 metric tons   per hour for Mangoes and Oranges and later 4 metric tons per hour will be installed

Ms. Nakakande says there is a huge market for fruits products both in Uganda and outside.

The Fruit Factory she said will directly help the 5,000 fruit farmers who are being supported by Delight Uganda limited in Nwoya district.


Nwoya District Chairman Hon. Okello Patrick Oryema applauded the effort by Government to set up the fruits factory in Nwoya saying it will give market to the Fruit farmers in Nwoya district.

‘’We have about 5,000 Fruit Farmers under Delight Uganda limited and more than 6,000 out growers whose fruits are ready but they currently don’t have the market. Government should speed up the process of setting up the factory instead ’’ Mr Oryema said

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