Mystique Massage Clinic Acquires Automatic Massage Bed

Mystique Saloon located in Wandegeya, Kampala has acquired an Automatic massage bed to help in their massage clinic.

The bed, according to the saloon operators, is part of the instruments they promised to secure so as to help give their customers the very best massage services they deserve.

Since it’s automated, customers will not have an individual massaging them, but the bed itself will do all the massaging.

What the Massage bed does.

The client is laid in the bed and set; usually the standard time is 40 minutes

The machine scans and senses the whole backbone from the top to the bottom, around the head, neck, diaphragm and the chest.

Automatic Thermala Massage bed

In case someone has diabetes blood pressure, it balances every disease and cools it out, stops the pain, balances the pressure

With the help of the mortars that bring about melting of the spine fluids,the bed runs down to the 3 bones found in the head.

Dr.Chris Kiggundu explains how the bed works

It has a relaxing session and by so doing, it runs down to the tail bone and lifts a person’s body parts up according to the spine and puts it in order.

The bed first scans and sees how the backbone is,before putting back the backbone to where it is supposed to be.

It helps persons with severe headaches,Blood pressure problems,stiff neck,gastric problems and chronic fatigue among others.

The doctor recommends the massage bed for mostly those who spend most of the time seated in computers, standing, those who drive for a long time among others.

Mystique massage clinic, basically does spine scanning&APMS,intensity control,advanced massage and massage bed sound therapy.

Dr. Chris Kiggundu,the spinal code specialist at Mystique saloon explained that whenever the spinal nerves are pressurized, will result to no communication from the brain which will cause many pains and diseases.

“Whenever the spinal nerves are pressurized, there will be no communication from the brain to different body organs and cells, resulting in pain and disease,” Kiggundu explained.

Kiggundu further more told journalists that it costs one Shs50,000 for a 40 minute’s session.

“We charge you Shs50,000 only for one session,which is normally programed for 40 minutes.”

The saloon has been the leading beauty and massage clinic in the Country, with affordable rates, best customer care and free Wi-Fi for all the customers that go to visit them.



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