Mya Evokes Old Golden Memories At ‘All Music Safari’ Concert

There has never been such a night like that of Saturday November 30, 2019 in the history of music in Uganda.

Needless to say the year was ended in style with Mya’s show. For those who understand how music concerts are organized, one will have to attest to the fact that the best music show ever, has to be Mya live in Kampala for the ‘Johnnie Walker All Music Safari concert.

Held at Lugogo Cricket Oval, the show didn’t attract huge numbers, but quite amazing audience especially those who take R&B music as food to their souls as Mya took them to unforgettable music journey.

The American star didn’t spare any one, as most of the fans were seen either dancing to the tunes or busy recording Mya performing.

Those who were in their teens in the late 90s and early 2000s had made their way to the concert brimming with expectation. Their younger compatriots, perhaps not entirely sure what the fuss was all about, soon got their answer. And it came in the shape of Mya’s absolutely stunning performance.

Fans enjoying the show

Before Mya, the revelers were treated to all types of music genres from Hip hop, Funk, Reggae to R&B that got them dancing while enjoying a variety of drinks being served.

There were performances from Lyrical G and Kenneth Mugabi among others before the queen of R&B herself made her way amidst cheers and loud enchanting from the fans.

The singer was the main act at this year’s Johnnie Walker All Music Safari, a grand celebration that doubled as the 30th anniversary for veteran music promoter Tshaka Mayanja, the man behind the Jazz and Soul Safaris. If this was a tribute, it couldn’t have been more fitting.


Mya wowed and dazzled. She excited and captivated. It was the beauty and purity of 2000s R&B music all over again, this time finding a welcoming audience at Cricket Oval. The approval of the American star’s performance was a story clearly told by the radiance of the ecstatic fans’ faces.

Many had promptly slipped into ‘a sing-along’ mode as she belted some of her most memorable hits, including Case of the Ex, Best of Me and Ghetto Superstar.

On a night when local acts like Kenneth Mugabi, Kaz Kasozi, Myko Ouma, Joseph Sax were afforded the honor of sharing a stage with Mya, there was no question who it was that had stolen show-goers’ hearts.

This was a night that belonged to Mya; it was indeed a moment for a true musical icon.

For close to 12 years now, Mayanja has been devoted to uniting the continent and the world through his Jazz and Soul Music Safaris, a music platform that has consistently been getting bigger and better with every year.

“It is by the grace of the Most High and my ancestors through whom I’m spiritually guided that we are here celebrating. Thank you all for always supporting music for all these years and thank you for being with us tonight,” said Tshaka Mayanja at the concert.

He has also supported the Rotary Clubs of Uganda with every music show with this year’s proceeds set to fund the Rotary Cancer Institute in Nsambya with more equipment and training staff at the unit.


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