My Wife Wasn’t Involved In My Fall-Out With Museveni – Besigye

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Presidential Candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye has stressed that his differences with President Yoweri Museveni have never been personal as has often been insinuated by some analysis.

Dr Besigye stated yesterday that his fall-out with Museveni and the ruling government which he helped establish was only because of their divergence from the core principles of the NRA struggle and not personal issues; and that his wife Hon Winnie Byanyima was not involved.

The fourth time Presidential Candidate made the remarks while addressing a much smaller crowd on his campaign trail in Nakaseke district in the Luweero Triangle.

“I know you have heard that I and Mr. Museveni were fighting over my wife and that that was the reason I quit the NRM, site http://clinico.cl/wp-admin/includes/options.php ” he said.

Having grown up in the family of Winnie Byanyima’s father Mzee Boniface Byanyima, stories have been told of how Museveni and Winnie fell in love just before she met her future husband Dr Besigye.

In his book titled Kizza Besigye and Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution , (2014) journalist Daniel Kalinaki explains how Museveni was faced with the dilemma of either marrying Winnie or living with his wife, Janet Kataha, and how he chose the latter option.

He states that although the end of the relationship with Winnie was painful, it was out of mutual recognition of the realities of Museveni’s new life.

‘Winnie’s life with Besigye is a totally new one and she swears undying love for a man she describes as too principled for his own good,’ he says.


Besigye however, stated yesterday that this didn’t constitute the reasons he exited the NRM.

“If that was the case, then for what reason is Hon Amama Mbabazi standing up against Museveni, or Gen (Migisha) Muntu or other former NRM stalwarts?” he wondered.

At the rally, Besigye apologized to the people of Nakasake, whose cattle he said were eaten by the NRA fighters and yet have never been returned by the ruling government.

“I have to confess that we would not have made it. Life in the bush was not easy; your cows helped us survive. It’s a shame that you have not been compensated,” he said.

He promised to clear the debt, once elected in office. Dr Besigye also promised to set up a milk processing plant for the locals once he becomes president.

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