“My Son Couldn’t Even Speak Runyankole” – Tribal Sentiments Dominate Ainebyona’s Funeral in Ntungamo

A shadow of tribal sentiments continued to hang over the final moments Arnold Ainebyona Mugisha, a youthful businessman who was gunned down by a security guard at Quality Shopping Village in Naalya early this week.

One of the owners of Hickory Bar and Restaurant in Kololo, Ainebyona was shot by Moses Angoria, one of the two guards with whom the deceased had an argument on his way out of the mall’s parking.

His death however, quickly sparked a furious debate over on social media, centering mostly on his tribal background.

Church leaders praying for the deceased

This debate continued to reverberate at the funeral yesterday in Kina village, in Rwentobo town council, in Ntungamo district.

Mr Plan Mugisha, the father of the deceased said he was angered by people picking on his son’s tribe, while deliberately skipping the fact that an innocent person was shot dead.

Mugisha also said he was shocked to hear some people drawing comparisons between his son and Mathew Kanyamunyu, who in 2016 was accused of killing social worker Kenneth Akena.

“We have no relationship at all with Kanyamunyu, and it’s very sad to hear that my son and my family is being linked with Kanyamunyu”, Mugisha said.

Some of the family members speaking at the funeral

Mugisha stressed at the funeral that his son had in fact no strong connection to the Ankole tribe as many were led to believe on social media.


“My son couldn’t even speak Runyankore,” he said. “He was born in Masindi before we migrated to Ntungamo. He attended Kampala Kindergarten and Nursery School, joined Rohana Academy for his primary school, studied his O’ level from Kings College Buddo, went to Lubiri SS for his High school before joining Oxford University.”

Commenting on the tribal storm on social media, Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana said most of the people driving this debate are idle.

“What brings all this is idleness; lack of what to do and poverty,” he said.

Mwesigwa Rukutana said people pushing tribalism are idle

“The religious leaders need to do more to encourage people to find work.”

Ambrose Musinguzi, a close family friend asked the Government and parliament to come up with a law that restricts the operations of private surety firms.

These companies, he said are filled mostly with unprofessional people, who are dangerously armed and entrusted with lives and safety of many Ugandans.

Commenting on this however, Hon Rukutana disagreed with Musinguzi, noting that most of these security organizations have to a large extent done good work.

“These few mistakes are done by individuals; what is needed now is to caution them to be keen on the characters of people that they are recruiting,” Rukutana stressed.

Hundreds attended the burial in Ntungamo

The Deputy AG went on to apologize on behalf of government for the life of Ainebyona, adding that it is government’s role to protect all people and their property.

Rukutana also said that the murderer, Ongoria deserves a death sentence.

“In Amin’s time, that Askari that killed Arnold would be killed there and then and that’s what people like him deserve.”

He added, “I disagreed with my comrade Hon. Medard Lubega Ssegona the Busiro East Mp who is pushing for the removal of the death sentence from the constitution. Let whoever kills be killed, the defiler be imprisoned for the rest of his life, period.”

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