My Mother Killed My Father As I Watched

The things that we see as children could cause permanent damages to our brains and sometimes shape us into who we become in future. Jackeline, 10, (not real name) recalls all that happened when her mother hit her father with an axe on the head, killing him instantly.

My father was a drunkard and every time he came home drunk, he fought with my mother; he would order her to give him food and would sometimes throw us out of the house. Each time they fought, my father told my mum “I will kill you one day” and would sometimes chase her with panga’s and knives.

That fateful day, he came back drunk as usual and asked for food. My mother gave her ‘Katogo’ which he threw at her saying he wanted real sauce.  My mother kept quiet and went back to bed; I woke up my little sister who was five years old by then because I was sure he was going to chase us out of the house soon.

Surprisingly, he was rather sweet that day “Come my children, you should be nice women in future, don’t be like your mother” he said and gave each of us two sweets. He then told us to go back to bed. Before we could sleep, he pulled my mother out of bed and asked her to leave his house, “I wonder why you are stuck with me” he shouted.  They then started fighting as usual, since we shared a single room we stood in a corner terrified. My dad was staggering so he would sometimes fall all over the place.

By bad luck, he fell on a panga that he once used to cut my mother deep on the hand as they were fighting.  As he tried to hit her again, she escaped through his arm pits, opened the door and run out.  After a few minutes, she came back with an axe and hit our dad on the head. “I would rather kill you than have you torture me” she said.  I remember seeing his legs shaking and blood coming out of his mouth, nose and head.

Our mum asked us not to tell anyone, she pulled him back to the bed, covered him with a blanket and started crying loud, but people took long to come as it was late in the night. They later started coming one by one.

She told them she didn’t know who hit him as he came home bleeding. We knew she was lying. She called me outside and asked me to always look after my sister. When I went back in, my grandmother asked me what happened, I told her it was our mother who hit him on the head. She run out crying telling people “its Annet who killed my son”. People got angry and started looking for her, but she had already escaped.

She was later caught and taken to Luzira prison. I have never seen her since last year; I think she even doesn’t know that my sister died in an accident.


What hurts me is that most people keep saying I will be like my mother, my aunt says she is helping me but she knows she is raising a monster. I feel sad that I don’t have my parents and my only sister as well. And though she killed my father, I don’t hate her; I wish I could meet her one more time and maybe tell her Jane died and we are the only ones left. I always sit alone and wish all that didn’t happen.

I want to study hard and be a police officer so that I can keep law and order; I don’t like it when people kill each other.



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