My Hand Was Injured in Karate Practice – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that his right hand which was recently pictured  heavily bandaged, was strained while he practiced Karate — a Chinese martial art.

The President while hosting his Rwandan counterpart Paul Kagame at State House, Entebbe just over a week ago, was pictured with his hand dressed up, sparking wild speculations on social media.

Some theorized that Mr Museveni had a liver complication and was undergoing dialysis.

But in an interactive session with his Twitter followers yesterday, the President said he injured his hand in the martial arts practice.

The President in response to the question which was raised about his hand by Twitter user Tom Olarker, said, ” I am, since 1976, an amateur Karate practitioner. Those exercises help in fitness even when I come from office at midnight. I do the exercises , once in a while. I sprained my wrist. It is healing.”

He added, “The Karate skills were part of the unarmed ones that are acquired in the security forces even today.”

This is not the first injury, for the President’s right hand. In 2015 he traveled to New York with the hand bandaged in the same way, prompting then US President Barack Obama to tease him.

“Someone made you mad and you took a punch?”


Museveni responded: “Just an accident.”

Museveni was teased by Barack Obama in 2015

Museveni claimed that his hand then had been injured by the door of his car.

“When I was going to Japan, while in a hurry, I strongly hit my right hand against the door of the car. The doctor applied some anti-inflammation gel when there was some swelling,” said Museveni.

“We did not concentrate on it because it did not hurt but remained slightly discomforting. When later an x-ray was done, it was discovered that there was a small spiral fracture on the metacarpal bone of the right last finger (akahara) which is being managed conservatively,” he added.

The President said, “It is not painful except when direct pressure is applied on it,” adding, “That is why I use the left hand to greet. Managing conservatively means using a bandage for two weeks.”


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