‘My Father Wouldn’t Hurt Ugandans And Still Win Elections’ – Muhoozi, Besigye Trade Barbs


The clash between Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, and former FDC Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye seems far from over.

The social media exchange between the two senior army officers which started last week over a government contract awarded to Gen Muhoozi’s wife, has since spilled into election politics and governance.

In a string of tweets this morning, Muhoozi sought to dismiss Col Besigye’s assertions that his father, President Yoweri Museveni’s government was hurting Ugandans

“We can discuss ‘Presidential Monarchy’ and the other allegations another time. But clearly it can’t be hurting ‘All’ our people when Mzee Museveni wins elections with landslides? Have a good day Mzee Besigye,” Museveni Tweeted.

The First Son also reminded Besigye that it was President Museveni’s government which Besigye previously served in that helped many exiled Ugandans return home.

“As for being refugees, for sure me and my family were. Just like millions of other Ugandans at that time. However, thanks to the brilliant leadership of Mzee Museveni and the NRA, which you were part of, those millions were able to return.”



Besigye had earlier noted how Museveni and his family were once exiled in Sweden and referred to as bandits by the government of the time.

The exchange between Besigye and Muhoozi was sparked by reports of a Ministry of Health contract that was awarded to a company co-owned by Muhoozi’s wife Charlotte.

The deal was initially critiqued by sections of the public as being highly bloated and nepotistic.

But when Col Besigye directly attacked Charlotte as a “Covid19 bonanza beneficiary,” Muhoozi quickly leapt in defence of his wife, tweeting, “If you want to attack me, I’m right here. Leave my wife alone.”

Silverbacks Pharmaceuticals Ltd, was contracted to supply an oxygen plant to Mulago National Referral Hospital. The cost of the contract, however, was found to be inflated.

However, the Ministry of Health and Silverbacks clarified that cost variation was caused by the exchange rate differences and air freight as this was an emergency procurement.

This morning, Gen Muhoozi invited Col Besigye to “read the statement by Ministry of Health in response

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