“My Dad Paid Radio and Weasel to Write a song for me”—Sheila Gashumba

Did you know Sheila Gashumba once wanted to be a musician?

During an interview with Sanyu’s FM’s Crystal Newman on Saturday afternoon, Sheila revealed quite an unheard of aspect in her life.

“When I was younger, my dad actually paid Radio and Weasel to write a song for me,” she said.

When asked what befell the project, Sheila said, ”I don’t know, it just died out, people don’t even know that.”

On how she and her dad hooked up with the renowned singing duo, Sheila narrated that “We literally went to their house; Neverland”

“Jeff was still managing them,” she added.

The NTV Exclusive access slot host further explained that “That was the time when Little Tammy was on and we felt we could do something together, but I don’t know how it died out.”

When asked whether she would go back to it, Sheila said “I’m not planning as yet, but you never know.


“Thank God I work for the biggest Television show when it comes to music, I always get inspired by Nigerians and I always feel like It should have been me,” Sheila said.

From her tone, the celebrated TV personality seems to be harboring bigger musical dreams.

Let’s watch the space.


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