Mwenda, Mayinja Defection: Will Bobi Wine Turn Suspected ‘Spies’ into Loyal Cadres?

There are tales in the past political spheres; where spies sent to rival kingdoms were so caught up in the ‘better’ ways of administration and everything that was different from their home set ups that they gradually defected to the target Kingdoms and confessed their ill intentions.

Likewise, the ‘Open Door Policy’ of Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) party, where it welcomes everyone, has created mixed reactions from a section of its members who accuse some new converts to be spies.

During the unveiling of former People Power enthusiast, musician Ronald Mayinja, some supporters could not hold their grudge;

“You are a spy!” one supporter shouted.

Mayinja rejoined People Power /NUP at a ceremonious event in Kamwokya where he disclosed that he had gone to the ruling National Resistance Movement party on a special investigation.

“Even Lumumba was around. I asked the president about the future of our country, but as I tell you now, the man has no vision as far as our country is concerned so the only way out is Kyagulanyi,” he said amidst mixed reactions from the masses.

“Who sent you on that investigation?” another bitter NUP supporter asked him.

The endless heat from supporters was cooled by Kyagulanyi who pleaded with them to consider forgiving him since he had returned ‘home’.


A section of supporters continuously condemned Mayinja for what they termed as betraying them when he made the move to associate with the ruling party last year.

After singing his ‘Bizemu’ song at Catherine Kusasira’s show in-front of President Museveni at Serena Hotel last year, photos leaked showing Mayinja allegedly meeting the President. This won him hatred from the members of the People Power movement which has since transformed into NUP, who termed him as an enemy of the struggle.

“By the time we parted ways, there was only People Power but since I have returned home, I request that I also be given a chance to become a member of NUP and we collectively fight this war,” Mayinja implored.

It’s not clear whether Mayinja went back to NUP as a genuine loyal cadre or a spy, but if he is on the latter, will Kyagulanyi convince him and win his total loyalty?

Asked to comment on this, Kyagulanyi said, “it’s not our mandate as administrators of NUP/People Power to trust or distrust people who join us. We have said it and shall continue saying it that everybody shall be judged by their actions.”

As supporters were still scratching their heads on the loyalty of Mayinja, Andrew Mwenda, a popular political activist who had been criticizing and undermining the actions of People Power and NUP, joined them on Friday August 7, 2020.

Ronald Mayinja has rejoined People Power/NUP

Unlike Mayinja who just asked for the NUP membership card without expressing any political leadership intentions in the party, Mwenda vowed to challenge Kyagulanyi on NUP party presidency.

“Bobi Wine’s only qualification as an alternative to Museveni is that he is critical of the status quo. Our “intellectuals” don’t care what he stands for, the values he represents, the policy alternatives he proposes, the leadership abilities he has demonstrated, the alliances he is cultivating and the organizational ability he has exhibited,” Mwenda said on one occasion.

Some party members saw him as a “serial spy” who has a special mission of killing the party.

“The party is open to everyone but we are not that stupid, of course, we know that some people have been sent as spies while others are genuine and we are extra careful on that,” a NUP member who preferred anonymity spoke to Chimp Corps.

Kyagulanyi repeatedly warned his fellow members against demoralizing those who join the party.

“When the regime scoops one of us, it is normal and you don’t comment but when one of them joins the struggle, I see people branding them moles, spies, that is bad and we should desist from it,” he noted.

“I have a lot of friends in the army, police and others in the State House who are with us, I want to assure you that if the elections are free and fair, we shall win Mr. Museveni in his own house,” he added.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the NUP spokesperson recently disclosed that the People Power Movement had registered over 10,000 members before rebranding to NUP.

This week alone, the party received over 1000 new converts; artists, entertainers, NRM, FDC, and leaders from other political parties and councilors from different parts of the country.


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