Mwenda Is Using My Name to Join Politics – Besigye

Col Dr Kizza Besigye has at last commented on the series of attacks launched recently by the Independent Magazine proprietor Andrew Mwenda, pharm through social media platforms.

Besigye deduced Thursday morning that the journalist on his persona and political activities was aimed at helping Mwenda build his own political career.

Since late December last year, through this widely followed Facebook page, Mr Mwenda launched a series of daily posts in which he sought to “expose Besigye’s lies and extremism.”

He argues that the four-time presidential candidate is much more intolerant than the current President Yoweri Museveni and therefore “must not be allowed to rule our country.”

Mwenda commenced the series shortly after he came under stern criticism for calling Besigye’s supporters “retarded” during a televised interview in December.

This morning while appearing on NBS Television, the veteran journalist carried on with his critique of Besigye, accusing him of being angry, delusional and lacking facts.

Having been silent for weeks, Dr Besigye today spoke out, suggesting that Mwenda is attempting to use (Besigye’s) name to build his own political career.

“Finally got it,” Besigye tweeted. “Mwenda plans a launch into politics. (He) Believes attacking me gives him the attention & cash he needs!!”

Responding to Besigye’s suggestion of Mwenda’s purported political ambitions, one Johnson Kizito tweeted, “Worry not. He can’t make it. He can’t stand anywhere in Kampala to address anyone…”

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