Muzaata Says Bodyguards are Useless, as Police Mulls ‘Hard Bodied’ Vehicles for Seniors

Controversial leader of the Dawaat Sheiks in Uganda, what is ed Sheik Nuhu Muzaata has dismissed as useless, the deployment of police bodyguards to protect him and other VIPs in the country, saying that this has been proven so, time and again by the increasingly powerful criminal gangs.

Nuuhu Muzaata said this week that he decided to return the bodyguard he was given by government and instead “place his security in the hands of Allah Tabarak wa Ta’ala.”

Speaking in light of the shocking murder of the high raking Police Director and Spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi last week, and the preceding shootings in broad day light of other high ranking security and Muslim leaders, Muzaata stressed that there was no point in having bodyguards.

“I said; let me take back these bodyguards. Why should they put 40 bullets in my body; and of what use will that one bodyguard be?” he wondered.

“That is why I walk ghafla; just like that. I returned all authority back to my Lord Allah who is in heaven.”

Citing the numerous warnings he gets about messing with his own life, Muzaata recalled that his colleague Muhammad Kiggundu, a UPDF Major with two weapons and a bodyguard was shot dead in morning light, in Masanafu, November last year.

“Now you have this one black-collared one (Kaweesi); he sits on the highest decision making council of the police; but I tell you, the boys hit him. They do so to show us that we are weak. They are telling us that the while we locked up the front door, the back door is wide open.”

Sheik Muzaata’s remarks come amidst police’s announced plans to step up security of all its high ranking officials.

According to the new police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye, there are plans to not only deploy more body guards to protect the officials, but also giving them more powerful and protective vehicles.

Kasigye yesterday told media that among others, they are planning on getting hard bodied vehicles, noting that if Kaweesi wasn’t in such a thin skinned vehicle, he had better chance of survival or at least fighting back.

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