MUST “Whatsapp” Crisis: Police Summons Varsity Staff

Mbarara CPS head of Criminal Investigation ASP Bosco Mutabazi yesterday asked Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST’s) top management and staff members to resolve their matters in a civilized manner.

Mutabazi says the police station has over the weeks received complaints from the university secretary Mr. Melchior Byaruhanga, who is accusing some of the staff members of intimidating him in Whatsapp groups.

Byaruhanga opened a defamation case at police but the CID boss closed the file advising him to go to court since the matter seemed civil in nature.

Mr. Byaruhanga however, returned on Tuesday this week to the station and reported what he termed as continuous intimidation he’s been getting from the university staff on a Whatsapp group.

MUST University Secretary Mr Melchior Kihagaro Byaruhanga.

While, he’s not a member of this group, the secretary claims he has been getting information from a colleague in the group.

“The university secretary came to police and said the lecturers who had been summoned to police are celebrating that they were not detained and he says that they are still threatening him on  Whatsapp” said Mutabazi.

As a result, the OC CID decided to summon both parties for a meeting which was held on Wednesday evening.

In the meeting, Mutabazi asked MUST staff members and  management to remove police from their issues.


“They should handle their issues in a civil manner because all lecturers are educated people. If they have issues with the university secretary there are many channels like the university council and the management, which can handle that matter in a civil way.

Julius Taremwa the General Secretary of the staff association MUSTASA, said later told us that they had accepted the police advice during the cordial meeting at Mbarara CPS.

MUSTASA General Secretary Julius Taremwa.

“We have agreed not to harass each other because he is saying that we harass him with documents which are not good. But we also told them we don’t know where they come from.”

“We also agreed to sit and iron out our differences. Going to the police is not good.”

He, however, confirmed that the university strike is still ongoing until authorities come in to resolve the crisis.

“The strike is on because people haven’t got what they requested. The demands are still clear”

Taremwa added that the new university council chairperson Dr. Warren Namara will meet them soon to get a lasting solution for the university crisis.


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