Muslims Urged on Road Carnage, Betting

The deputy Supreme Mufti Sheikh Muahamood Kibaate has called upon all Muslims to participate in ensuring they prevent the road accidents on most of Ugandan roads.

Preaching to Muslims a head of Eid al Adha prayers at Kibuli Mosque Sheikh Kibaate pointed out that it’s everyone’s responsibility to prevent accidents

“I stand with all those who lost their beloved ones in the deadly accidents that have happened on various roads especially on Masaka road. Let’s keep praying for them as well as their families”

Kibaate also grieved the life of a business man was shoot yesterday in Kasangati, treatment calling upon government to increase the security it gives to its citizens as well as carrying out further investigations leading to the arrest of all people behind this

In his message to the Muslims Prince Kassim Nakibinge urged local and cultural leaders to join hand together to ensure that youth quit sports betting which is on rapid increase in the country  and join  other productive activities.

“Let us encourage youths to join farming, troche business and other activities instead of betting because it cannot make you rich as many of them think. Betting in first world cities like Las Vegas is used by the rich people to spend their leisure time”

Nakibinge added that being that betting houses have been established in rural areas where people may end up selling their land to participate, the local leaders have to double their efforts to ensure that this practice is stopped from spreading.


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