Muslims Called to Educate Their Children

Sheikh Abdullah Semambo, the 1st Deputy Mufti of Uganda has asked Muslims across the country to embrace education of their children for the development of their religion.


“We would like every Muslim to embrace education because that is the only sure way we shall be relevant in this country. Our leadership is interested in ensuring the development of our schools and we therefore need your complete support in this endeavor,” said Sheikh Semambo.


Sheikh   Semambo was on Friday officiating at the swearing in of the executive members of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council from the of Ankole-Kigezi region. The event took place at Ndorwa Mosque in Kirigime ward, Kabale municipality.


He said Muslim children need to be encouraged to take science subjects, adding that in the past, Muslim schools used to excel in sciences but recently backslid.



Sheikh Semambo further asked the newly elected leaders of the region to revamp the strength of Islam in all aspects of life so as to make it more desirable.


“We want to move on with leaders who are ready to advocate for developmental projects for their people. If you are a leader here and you are not set for this great responsibility better step down as soon as possible,” he said.


Speaking at the same function, Hajji Ramadhan Mugalu, the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Secretary General asked leaders to document all resources that belong to them for proper planning of the council.


“I cannot say that UMSC has a lot of funding but if we knew where to invest we could be able to achieve something. Make an effort to know what belongs to us so that we can plan well,” he said.


Hajji Ismael Baguma, the newly elected chairperson for the Ankole-Kigezi muslim region promised to revamp the Islamic glory in the region through strengthening partnerships with all stakeholders.


“In the 1970s, Islam was at a better level in development unlike today where internal differences are weakening us. We need to sit down and find ways of prospering Islam in this region and the country as large,” said Baguma.


Sheikh Kaabu Lule, the Kabale district Khadh asked the leadership of UMSC to keep close supervision of the region so as to ensure proper service delivery.

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