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Muslim Cleric Kamoga Arrives at Court

Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] has cautioned all business operators to hasten renewal of their operating licenses before the arm of the law comes in.

“KCCA would wish to remind all business proprietors in Kampala that all Trading licenses issued for the calendar year 2014 expired on the 31st December 2014, patient visit ” read a statement released by the Authority.

Current and prospective business proprietors working under expired licenses, the Authority says, do so in contravention of Section 8 (1) of the Trading License Act Cap 101, which states that “No person shall trade in any good or carry out any business unless he/she is in possession of a trading license granted to him/ her for that purpose under the Act. “

Traders doing business in Kampala were thus asked to acquire trading licenses for their business for the calendar year 2015 from their respective KCCA division offices to avoid any inconveniences.

The Authority is currently running an electronic Revenue Management system (e- CITIE) through which Trading Licenses are issued.

“All intending trading License applicants must first register and obtain a COIN (City Operator Identification Number) before applying for a trading license. The registration forms can be accessed via the following web address”

The trading license applicants were also reminded to carry all the necessary requirements including 2 identifications to the nearest division/office to accompany the trading license application.

“Please note that Trade licences will only be issued to businesses which will have complied with all legal requirements including Public health and Physical Planning requirements.”



Controversial Muslim cleric Sheikh Yunus Kamoga has been brought to Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court in Kampala amid tight security.

At the court, viagra 40mg Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe says Kamoga’s wife and four others arrived at exactly 12:55pm today Thursday.

“We are now in court, click waiting for the chief magistrate,” says Kazibwe.

Kamoga was arrested early this week for reportedly fuelling religious turbulence in Uganda and maintaining ties with the deadly DRC-based rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

It’s today that charges will be official unveiled by prosecution, as government cracks down on Islamist militancy that has seen several clerics butchered in cold blood.

Kamoga was reportedly picked in the wee hours of Wednesday by a specialised commando unit of Police before being whisked to the Special investigations Unit headquarters in Kireka, Kampala.

Police would later beef up security at Mosques led by the notorious cleric to prevent possible violent reprisals from his adherents.

A divisive figure in the Muslim faith, Kamoga is accused of planning the murder of prominent clerics whom police say are opposed to the ADF’s plans of violently toppling the government of President Museveni.

The arrest, police sources say, follow a deep investigation into Kamoga’s mobile communications history with suspected ADF agents.

At least 6 suspects in the murder of Muslim clerics were this week charged at Buganda Road Court with murder and belonging to a terrorist group- ADF.

Police also retrieved incriminating evidence from Kamoga’s associates following arrests in the death of several Muslim leaders in recent weeks.

Sheikh Kamoga, who denied having facilitated the killing of Sheikh Bahiga along Entebbe Road in December 2014, was the Amir of Tabliqs before the 1998 invasion by dissenting Tabliqs and taking over of Old Kampala.

Kamoga fled to Nairobi when his other colleagues, including ADF supreme leader, Jamil Mukulu, were rounded up and taken to Luzira.

He continued pulling the strings from exile but Sheikh Sulaiman Kakeeto, who exploited the vacuum, eventually consolidated power.

MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda recently said, “through amnesty and other negotiations, Kamoga returned and joined the late Sheikh Abdul-Hakim Ssekimpi to form a rival Tabliq sect called Salafiyya, headquartered at William Street. It is this William Street Salafiyya group that eventually threw out Kakeeto.

He added: “This group has also now disagreed, leading to the removal of Kamoga. But like Kakeeto, Kamoga has also refused to surrender power. He runs Nakasero mosque and has thrown out his rivals from the William street mosque as well. The late Mustafa Bahiga was the chief coordinator of the group that removed Kamoga and set off a rivalry that is blamed for his murder.”

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