Musicians Threaten to Take Disciplinary Action against Buchaman

Following a video that went viral on social media showing Presidential Advisor on Ghetto Affairs, Buchaman, with his gang assaulting local musician Rocky Giant, various individuals have since condemned the inhumane act,  calling upon concerned authorities to “do something” before its too late.

Among those who have bemoaned the act is the Musicians Association President Wycliff Tugume aka Ykee Benda who has revealed that they are going to get in touch with Rocky to ensure that they report the matter to Police so that the law can take its course.

“Buchaman, this is not how you are going to treat fellow artists just because you are a Presidential advisor and all that nonsense that you are. You have no authority to treat anyone that way, whether as ghetto president, Presidential advisor, artist or whatever you want to be /whatever you are. You are not above the law,” Benda stated.

He noted that since Buchaman decided to treat a fellow musician in that manner, it is a clear sign that violence is part of his character.

“The law should put you where you belong big brother, you should be behind bars now,” he added.

Jennifer Full Figure, another musician who is also a Presidential Advisor, blamed the colleague for acting in an irritating manner “under the influence of marijuana which gives a bad image of a leader.”

Other musicians including Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, Dr Hilderman, King Saha, Levixone, Lil Pazo have asked for law to take action so that Rocky Giant gets Justice.

It’s said that the misunderstanding resulted from the Title ‘Ghetto President’ a title given to the overall head of slums in the country. Bucha Man, ever since Bobi Wine joined politics, declared himself as the new Ghetto President.


This has created controversies with other musicians who rose to the challenge, calling themselves the ghetto president like Denzel, Khalifa Aganaga and others.



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