Musicians Set to Perform at NRM Delegates’ Conference Listed

There are over 2,000 Ugandan musicians affiliated to the ruling party; NRM, but out of those, only a few have been selected and confirmed to perform at the forthcoming third National Delegates’ Conference.

While appearing for an interview on Spark TV, events manager and promoter Balaam Barugahara said that Bebe Cool, Raga Dee, Big Eye, Catherine Kusasira, Crane performers, Full Figure and Fiina among others are some of the artists who will be performing come January 25 at Namboole.

“Out of the 2,000 musicians affiliated to NRM, very few have been invited for the delegates’ conference. I must say that they are not the best but they at least have something in form of music to show.

Besides, they are the ones who can be accommodated in the allocated time. We will have so many speeches that day and therefore cannot accommodate everyone,” said Balaam.

The NRM National Delegates’ Conference will be happening this Saturday January 25 at Namboole

He assured the musicians that, “those who are not on the list, rather not invited, should not bother coming to the venue.”

Balaam revealed that the list of artists to perform at the event was made and signed by Bebe Cool, Kusasira and Full Figure who later handed it to him.

“They chose only those who have music to show. Bebe Cool led a meeting that chose the singers to perform at the conference.”

“It’s only those with something to show that will attend. I was just given a list of artists and instructed to contact them,” Balaam further explained.



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