Musicians Decline Meeting with President Museveni

The president of Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Sophie Gombya has revealed in a letter that the association will not meet the president in Kyankwanzi retreat as expected.


In a letter that was given to journalists at national theater on Friday 28, Gombya said that the president suggested meeting artists on a 2 day retreat in Kyankwanzi on April 26th 2016.


Since then different platform organizations including Ministry of gender, the union members, UPRS among others have been claiming to be in control of the retreat.


“Further, Ministry of gender came up with a committee to run or organize the retreat where different domains were represented. This committee suggested we come up with a paper covering all the issues as artists that we are to present to president,” the letter reads



In a letter, Gombya further says as UMA, they believe they have a lot of challenges that they must sort before meeting with President Museveni


She added that UMA has a lot of issues to address the president but they fear they might overshadow other artist’s issues in other domain needs.


The letter further reads that UMA represents Ugandan musicians not Kampala musicians so there is need to reach to other musicians out of Kampala as well and hear their concerns.


She also said that as they wait for Museveni, they will have to meet the prime minister to get clarity on the legal framework or laws under which a musician may be banned from public performance.


“To my fellow musicians, I regret to inform you that UMA will not be part of Kyankwanzi retreat,” read the letter.

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